Mysterious mage

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For common monster found in all floors of Daemonheim, see Forgotten mage.
For the character in Glorious Memories, see Baba Yaga.

Mysterious mages are encountered in the boss room of Yk'Lagor the Thunderous in the Occult floors. There are eight mages in total leeching Yk'Lagor's energy. In order to fight Yk'Lagor, the player has to kill or distract 4 mages by attacking them, after which Yk'Lagor will break free and kill them. They attack with Fire Blast.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • We will break you!
  • You've outlived your use!
  • You do not belong here.
  • Your soul belongs to us!
  • Mah zodas'bakh me'ah.
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There is no escape!
Says it randomly
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So much power!
Says it randomly
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Mah zodas'bakh me'ah.
Says it randomly
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Mah zodas'bakh me'ah reversed.
Heim crabs are awesome.

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