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Music appreciators are non-player characters found near some musicians. Their clothing varies according to their locations (e.g. desert listeners will be dressed in desert clothing). Usually they are found sitting on a bench or a fence, swaying, tapping or dancing to the music.

Although they are non-player characters, they cannot be interacted with, and because their right-click options bear blue text, they apparently have been coded into the game as a piece of scenery. When right-clicking Draynor Village's music appreciator, there are two options, "Examine Music appreciator" and "Examine Invisible". Examining Invisible gives "I am invisible!" Not every music appreciator has the "Examine Invisible" option.

The invisible item appears to be a creature designed to give music appreciators a yellow dot on the minimap as they are classed as a piece of scenery (blue text) and scenery is not given an icon on the minimap.

Not all musicians have a music appreciator near them; an example of this is the snake charmer in Al Kharid.

There are two types of music appreciators, a male and a female, and both characters have different examine texts.

One of the many Music Appreciator around Gielinor.
Location Race/Gender Examine Image
Ardougne Near Fishing Guild Human Male and Human Female A man/woman enjoying the music. Ardougne music appreciators.png
Al Kharid Shantay Pass Human Male A guard enjoying the music. Shantay Pass music appreciators.png
Draynor Village East of Draynor Village Human Female A woman enjoying the music. Music Appreciator in Draynor.png
Falador North of Falador Two Human Males and one Human Female Two men enjoying the music.

A woman enjoying the music.

Falador music appreciators.png
Varrock South from Cooking guild Human Male and Human Female A man/woman enjoying the music. Varrock music appreciators.png

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