Mushrooms of the Arc

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Mushrooms of the Arc is an achievement that requires the player to discover all of the Arc mushrooms.

Completion of this achievement unlocks the title the Fun Guy/Gal.

Mushroom Location Description
Wushroom.png Wushroom Goshima

The Islands That Once Were Turtles

A tropical fungus native to the Wushanko Isles. It has a weird taste.
Corpsebloom.png Corpsebloom Goshima The mushroom grows best on dead creatures. It tastes disturbingly sweet.
Immorel.png Immorel Goshima According to legend, this mushroom only grows near bad people.
Lactarius.png Lactarius The Islands That Once Were Turtles When boiled in water, this mushroom turns everything milky white.
Paraspore.png Paraspore The Islands That Once Were Turtles The spores from these mushrooms will briefly stun you.
Buttercap.png Buttercap Goshima It smells like melted butter but tastes like mango.
Blushroom.png Blushroom Uncharted Isles Similar to the wushroom in taste, but delicious.
Purple bellow.png Purple bellow The Islands That Once Were Turtles A brightly coloured mushroom that is boiled and used to make dye.
Snufftruffle.png Snufftruffle Goshima Wushanko locals believe that those who eat this mushroom will die within 7 days.
Inky cap.png Inky cap Uncharted Isles The mushroom has a deep black tip that resembles squid ink.
Sporcini.png Sporcini Uncharted Isles Its long, thin stalks give it the height it needs to efficiently spread its spores.
Toastool.png Toastool The Islands That Once Were Turtles Tastes like grilled bread.
Honeyfungus.png Honeyfungus Uncharted Isles This mushroom looks like sweet, sticky, bee vomit.
Arc puffball.png Arc puffball Uncharted Isles Mushrooms are like jellyfish of the forest.
Russula.png Russula Uncharted Isles It is leathery and smells of rich mahogany.
Summertwirl.png Summertwirl Uncharted Isles This soft mushroom looks like the skirt of a dress.

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