Mr Olbors

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Mr Olbors is a man who owns a house in Brimhaven, just behind The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant. His house has a small garden containing two guard dogs, although his door to the garden is locked. In addition to his own house, the garden connects to the kitchen of the Phoenix Gang controlled Shrimp and Parrot via a secret door, and a blocked off room inside ScarFace Pete's mansion.[1] During Heroes' Quest, Phoenix Gang aligned players help their gang by using Olbors's garden to get into the secret room of Pete's mansion, and kill Grip via a small opening in the wall.

Cap'n Arnav has since taken residence in Olbors's house, and claims to have bought it. However, he is unable to open the locked garden door, nor the drawers.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Charlie the cook, "Heroes' Quest", RuneScape. "The setting up of this restaurant was the start of things; we have a secret door out the back of here that leads through the back of Mr Olbors' garden. Now, at the other side of Mr Olbors' garden, is an old side entrance to Scarface Pete's mansion."