Most Wanted card (abyssal demons)

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Most Wanted card (abyssal demons) is a possible reward from the Rush of Blood Distraction and Diversion. The chance of winning a card on the weekly reward run is equal to the number of waves defeated divided by 20. The card increases the chances of obtaining a unique drop from abyssal demons. It has 100 charges and loses a charge for every abyssal demon kill. It is possible to check how many charges the card has left by right-clicking the card and choosing 'check charges'. When the elite Tirannwn achievements are completed, there is a 50% chance that a charge won't be used.

While carrying the card, on each abyssal demon kill the player has an additional 1/2,900 chance to receive either the Abyssal wand or Abyssal orb if the usual 1/3,052 roll for these items is failed, and an additional 1/973 chance to roll for an Abyssal whip if the usual 1/1,024 roll for this item is also failed.[1]

When the charges are used up, the card disintegrates. When the card rolls for a unique drop, and the unique drop is received, it will consume extra charges for that kill. These charges also have a 50% chance to be saved if the elite Tirannwn achievements are completed.[2] It is still possible to receive a unique drop without the card's influence, in which case no additional charges will be used. The affected items are:

The card is always lost on death.

These cards don't work while killing abyssal creatures (abyssal savages, beasts or lords).

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References[edit | edit source]

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