Morvran's challenge enhancer

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The morvran's challenge enhancer is a reward enhancer that instantly resurrects the player if they die while fighting bosses from Morvran's Slayer challenge. It can be received from the Motherlode Maw's daily random reward (requiring level 115 Dungeoneering, and level 95 in all other non-elite skills, and completion of Plague's End); there is also chance of obtaining it by trading Wythien ten crystal motherlode shards, or from Meg's questions if the Adventurer in Training perk is taken at May's Quest Caravan. When obtained, it is automatically converted into 2 charges within Wythien's enhancer management interface, where the effect can be toggled on or off.

While toggled on, the player will be instantly resurrected with full health if they die fighting any creature associated with Morvran's Slayer challenge, consuming a charge. The player is resurrected on the spot similarly to using Immortality. The enhancer takes higher priority over any sign of life effect, but is overridden by Immortality's effect. There is no cooldown on the enhancer effect. The enhancer resurrection does not count as a death for hardcore ironmen. It is not required to be on Morvran's special slayer challenge for the enhancer to revive the player.

The following bosses are affected by the challenge enhancer:

The enhancer item is most effective against Araxxor and Araxxi, as they are the strongest bosses in Morvran's challenge due to their high combat stats and killing potential.

An unfocused reward enhancer can be converted into Morvran's challenge enhancer charges by Wythien, granting 1 charges per unfocused enhancer. If the enhancer effect is unwanted, 2 Morvran's challenge enhancer charges can be converted into 1 crystal motherlode shard by Wythien.

The enhancer item can no longer be obtained, following the 17 June 2019 update. Upon obtaining an enhancer, it is converted into charges in Wythien's enhancer management interface - all existing enhancers are converted upon login. Any enhancers mistakenly obtained cannot be used - the only action available is to convert them into charges (or destroy).

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • update 17 June 2019 (Update):
    • Upon login, existing enhancers are converted into charges in Wythien's enhancer management interface
  • update 10 November 2014 (Update):
    • Enhancers are added to the game as part of Prifddinas