Monsters that use prayer

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These are some monsters that are able to use overhead prayers. Nex is exceptional to the rest in that she uses Curses, not prayers.


Nex[edit | edit source]

Nex is able to use all deflect overhead curses (including Soul Split and Wrath) while fighting her. She randomly switches between the three deflect overhead curses and during her final phase she visibly activates Turmoil and can also switch to Soul Split. When she dies, she uses Wrath which has a slightly larger area of effect radius than that of a player's.

Kalphite Queen[edit | edit source]

The Kalphite Queen uses Protect from Ranged and Magic simultaneously during her first form, while she uses Protect from Melee during her second form.

Sigmund[edit | edit source]

Sigmund will counter any attack by using a protection prayer before it is able to do any damage unless the player uses the backhand ability with the ancient mace while he doesn't have Protect from Melee active; causing his prayer to deactivate.

Tormented demon[edit | edit source]

Tormented demons initially use Protect from Melee when they spawn and counter attacks by switching their protection prayer after 3100 or more damage has been inflicted with that particular style.

Astea Frostweb[edit | edit source]

Astea Frostweb uses protection prayers randomly and switches to another random protection prayer at regular intervals. Her prayers offer 100% protection and do not run out.

Sagittare[edit | edit source]

Sagittare uses Protect from Ranged indefinitely and does not switch.

Runebound behemoth[edit | edit source]

The runebound behemoth is able to use overhead protection prayers simultaneously and they can be deactivated temporarily by activating particular crystals in the room to expose him to a particular style.

Skeletal trio[edit | edit source]

The skeletal trio use protection prayers randomly and switch to another random protection prayer at regular intervals. They may use different protection prayers at any one time.

Akrisae the Doomed[edit | edit source]

Akrisae the Doomed can use any protection prayer and counter attacks by switching or activating a protection prayer after 1500 or more damage has been inflicted with that particular style.

Other[edit | edit source]