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This article is about the puzzle room in Daemonheim. For the artefact at the Varrock Dig Site, see mysterious monolith.
A monolith is found at the centre of the room.

The monolith is a room encountered in Daemonheim. In order to unlock the doors of a monolith room, players must activate the monolith in the centre of the room and charge it to 100%. Once the monolith is activated, it will begin charging, and mysterious shades will spawn randomly throughout the room to attack the monolith and cause it to lose charge. To protect the monolith, players must distract the shades by attacking and/or killing. The shades are weak to crush attacks so team members with mauls or warhammers will be of particular use for clearing them out.

If multiple shades spawn at once, it is advised to hit each one once, then proceed to kill them. Because mysterious shades can deal heavy damage over time, especially at higher levels, it is also advised to kill each shade completely if possible and not simply distract each one; this way players can avoid unnecessarily wasting large amounts of food. Players should target the highest level shades first.

Notes and tips[edit | edit source]

  • All shades will die immediately once the monolith is charged.
  • Enemies infected by subsequent Corruption Shot and Corruption Blast bursts will not become aggressive to the player, requiring a direct attack. Other multitarget attacks, such as Ricochet, work well for attracting the attention of multiple shades in a single attack.
  • Players using a Dungeoneering lock melter or warped gorajan trailblazer outfit should click the door and the skip option only once. Clicking multiple times can often cause the door to open, but block entry until the room is completed. Clicking only once appears to reduce the chance of this glitch occurring, but not eliminate it.
  • Contrary to popular belief, activating the monolith with the player with the lowest magic level does not help.[1]
  • It is strategic to wait for a "good start" by not attacking any shades and restarting the obelisk charging if a lot of high-level shades spawn at the beginning. However, this can cause the room to take more time overall.
  • Teams should spread out amongst the corners, keeping in mind that shades do not spawn around the northeast corner.
  • It is possible – with quick reflexes and low ping – to attack a shade before it can attack the monolith even once.

References[edit | edit source]

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