Monkey (Trouble Brewing)

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This article is about the item in Trouble Brewing minigame. For other monkeys, see Monkey (disambiguation).
Monkey (Trouble Brewing) detail.png
Monkey's chathead

A Monkey is used in Trouble Brewing to gather bitternuts. They are found in the island in between the two bases, and they can be caught. A bowl of red water or a bowl of blue water must be used on the monkey, making it a Red monkey or a Blue monkey. The dyed monkey can be used on a Bitternut tree, and it will throw down a bitternut to the player. If a monkey from the opposing team is in the tree as well, the two monkeys will fight, only one will throw down a bitternut, and the other will disappear.

A monkeyspeak amulet is very useful for gathering bitternuts, as the player can "Anger the monkey" or "Caution the monkey". An angry monkey will grab the nut quickly, but will always lose a fight if there is one. A cautious monkey will take longer to grab the nut, but will always win the fight. A player can have a maximum of two monkeys, and a team can have a maximum of twelve.

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