Stringing shieldbows

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Stringing shieldbows
RequirementsCrossbow stringing.gif
10 Fletching
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,408,40023.52%28,000 Fletching
Inputs (5,989,200)Outputs (7,397,600)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Shieldbow (u).pngShieldbow (u)2,8004,466,000
ItemQuantityGE Price

It takes around 18 seconds to turn an inventory of 14 unstrung shieldbows and 14 bowstrings into 14 shieldbows. With banking and bank presets, it is possible to string 2,800 bows an hour.

Bank presets are highly recommended for this method. Players can also put the unstrung bow on their action bar and assign a key bind, which can be the same button as the one for their preset. This can make the process even easier.

Using a portable fletcher can be useful for this method. It grants a 10% experience boost, as well as a 10% chance to string two bows at once, potentially speeding up the process. Portable fletcher locations can be found by asking in the "Portables" friends chat. A popular hosting location is the W84 Lumbridge Market. In free-to-play, portable fletchers can sometimes be found in the Grand Exchange on W3.

In practice, it can be hard to buy unstrung shieldbows on the GE, in which it case it is an option to buy the logs and fletch the bows yourself. An inventory of 14 logs and 14 bowstrings can be fletched into 14 shieldbows in about 48 seconds. This makes it possible to string 1,050 bows an hour, for a profit of 932,400.