Spinning flax

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Spinning flax
RequirementsSpinning wheel.gif
1 Crafting
Flax.png: RS3 Inventory image of FlaxFlax
 Seer's headband 2.png: RS3 Inventory image of  Seer's headband 2 Seer's headband 2 or better (recommended if using Seer's village
ProfitExperience gained
352,80021,000 Crafting
Inputs (128,800)Outputs (481,600)
1,400 × Flax.png Flax (128,800)
1,400 × Bowstring.png Bowstring (481,600)

The best possible method is to use the spinning wheel directly underneath the Lumbridge Castle bank. A full load of 28 flax takes approximately 50 seconds to convert into bowstring. Travel and banking time is ~20 seconds in between loads. You should use a preset with flax in your inventory to speed up the process.

An alternative method is to wear Seer's headband 2 and run between the bank and Seer's spinning wheel house, above the ladder, and you will be able to spin the flax 33% faster.