Smithing steel ingots

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Smelting Steel Ingots
20 Smithing (23 recommended)
Steel bar.png: RS3 Inventory image of Steel barSteel bar
ProfitExperience gained
-51,5205,600 Smithing
Inputs (5,292,000)Outputs (5,240,480)
5,600 × Steel bar.png Steel bar (5,292,000)
1,120 × Steel ingot.png Steel ingot (5,240,480)

Steel ingots can be made by using either 5 Steel bars, or a Steel platebody (or Steel Platebody +1), on a Furnace. Steel ingots are used for making Steel titan pouches, which are used for combat purposes and is typically in high demand.

A Steel platebody (or +1) may be used for even greater profit, but the price often fluctuates so be sure to check the prices before committing, as it can result in a loss. Additionally, forging the required Steel bars from scratch can result in even larger profits.

As Steel ingots can not be stored in the ore/metal bank, a location with close proximity to a standard bank, such as the Artisan's Workshop, is recommended.

It is also recommended to be at least level 23 Smithing before using this method as you gain the permanent ability to smelt steel bars 50% faster.