Smithing rune arrowheads

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Smithing rune arrowheads
50 Smithing (51 recommended)
Blacksmith's outfit
ProfitExperience gained
605,70021,600 Smithing
Inputs (298,800)Outputs (904,500)
90 × Rune bar.png Rune bar (298,800)
6,750 × Rune arrowheads 5.png Rune arrowheads (904,500)

Rune arrowheads are in recently high demand through its use in fletching. There is no need to reheat the unfinished item as it is being worked, therefore making it quicker and requiring less user interaction. It's recommended that the player is at least level 51 as this allows the player to smith rune 10% faster. It should take around 37 seconds to smith 1 bar into 75 rune arrowheads, making it possible to smith 6,750 rune arrowheads an hour. For the sake of misclicks/not paying attention, 40 seconds is used in calculations. Otherwise, 97 rune bars can be smithed per hour at a total of 7,297 rune arrowheads, bringing the total per hour to 654,810.81.


  1. Start by clicking on any anvil.
  2. Begin by selecting the rune arrowheads.
  3. The player will begin smithing the item.
  4. Once done, simply click the anvil again and press spacebar or click on the yellow begin project button. The menu remembers the last item smithed.