Smithing elder rune shields

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Smithing Elder rune round shields
RequirementsSmithing Elder rune round shields.jpg
90 Smithing(99 Highly recommended)

99 Firemaking Highly recommended
91 Prayer for Superheat Form

102 Archaeology If using Orthen furnace core
Orthen furnace core (Highly recommended)
The Light Within (Highly recommended)
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,520,130183.3%60.000 Smithing
Inputs (829,320)Outputs (2,349,450)
ItemQuantityGE PriceNote
Light animica.pnglight animica60373,260
Dark animica.pngDark animica60283,140
Rune bar.pngRune bar60172,920
ItemQuantityGE PriceNote
Elder rune round shield.pngElder rune round shield302,349,450

In one hour with Orthen furnace core and Superheat Form you can make about 32-33 Elder rune round shield per hour. You will obtain extra elder rune bars if your smithing level is above 92.

If you don't have the Orthen furnace core, a good alternative is use Grace of the elves