Shifting Tombs

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P2P icon.png
Looting Shifting Tombs
RequirementsShifting Tombs.png
90 Dungeoneering, Agility, Thieving, Construction, Crafting, Prayer, Runecrafting, Divination
The Jack of Spades
ProfitROIExperience gained
InputsOutputs (4,410,091)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Coins 10000.pngCoins2,000,0002,000,000
Feather of Ma'at.pngFeather of Ma'at9001,495,800
Off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian.pngOff-hand khopesh of the Kharidian0.018913,259
Soul talisman.pngSoul talisman0.071,032

This guide assumes you successfully loot 14 tombs in an hour. Your profit rate may be higher or lower depending on speed.

Shifting Tombs is an activity that can be used to stockpile Feathers of Ma'at which are used to kill corrupted creatures and soul devourers. It is also the only source to obtain the off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian, a tier 82 off-hand stabbing weapon which may be upgraded with drops from The Magister to turn it into the tier 92 Khopesh of Elidinis.

Before starting Shifting Tombs, disable all experience rewards and only select the coins option. This will ensure that when you leave the tomb, you will be given a hefty sum of coins instead of experience in various skills. It's also recommended to have level 90 in the skills required so the highest tier can be accessed.

Shifting Tombs has three major requirements in order to obtain maximum reward potential: looting sarcophagi, treasure chests, and removing corruption from the tomb within 5 minutes.

Sarcophagi can be found at the fringes of the tomb, or generally slightly off a branching path. In order to be opened and looted the player needs to follow the sequence the sarcophagus releases onto one of the six Desert Pantheon deities. Sarcophagi do not guarantee loot, but there is a 1/200 chance to loot a soul talisman. There is also a rare chance of looting a small gift offering from the sarcophagi, which can turn into a medium sized offering with tier 3 or higher luck. As sarcophagi do not guarantee loot, and the rare drops of the gift offerings being extremely rare, it's generally only recommended to loot the required amount of sarcophagi.

Treasure chests commonly contain 5–18 feathers of Ma'at, but if all experience has been toggled off then the chest will contain 10–36 instead. The feathers make up roughly 25–30% of the profit. There is also a 1/800 chance to loot an off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian, worth 52,186,247 coins. Chests should always be looted because of the potential of obtaining the khopesh, along with feathers generating a considerable amount of money. If a tomb does not have chests, players should quickly exit and start over to save time. Occasionally, corrupted scarabs may appear after opening a treasure chest. These should be ignored if making money is your goal.

Corruption in the tomb comes in the form of crystallised corruption or being held in various containers. Corruption should never be mined unless absolutely necessary as it yields no rewards and fill the bar slowly. Containers, on the other hand, can fill the corruption task fairly quickly and yield a varying amount of coins upon being broken. These coins make up roughly 10–15% of the profit made.

Inside the tomb, players can use Surge, Double Surge, and Bladed Dive to quickly navigate the corridors while running. Some weight-reducing clothing is optional but not required with high Agility levels. If run energy becomes depleted, you can take a small rest in the tomb if you have the time - otherwise, rest outside once the run has been completed.

When all objectives are completed in the tomb, immediately find the exit rope and leave. You will be awarded a good amount of coins at the end of each run, as the statues' experience option should have been disabled. The coins made up from clearing a tomb generate roughly 55–60% of the profit made. As with looting sarcophagi, there is also a chance to obtain small (and medium with tier 3 or higher luck) gift offerings upon clearing.

P2P icon.png
Looting Shifting Tombs
RequirementsTreasure chest (Shifting Tombs, woodcutting).png
90 Dungeoneering, Agility, Thieving, Construction, Crafting, Prayer, Runecrafting, Divination
The Jack of Spades
Access to Bladed Dive and Double Surge
ProfitROIExperience gained
InputsOutputs (9,411,239)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Coins 10000.pngCoins434,000434,000
Feather of Ma'at.pngFeather of Ma'at2,3403,889,080
Off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian.pngOff-hand khopesh of the Kharidian0.0985,088,159

This guide assumes you successfully loot 26 tombs in an hour (with 3 chests per tomb) and only open urns on the way to chests. Your profit rate may be higher or lower depending on speed.


This Shifting Tombs guide focuses on stockpiling Feathers of Ma'at and going after the Off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian by only focusing on looting chests and the urns on the way to chests.

Each Shifting Tombs run takes 5 seconds to start, allows up to 5 minutes to complete, and approximately 5 seconds to start again. By only going after chests, each run including start and end time takes around 2 minutes and 15 seconds to complete on average.


Before starting Shifting Tombs, disable all experience rewards and only select the coins option. This method will not gain you coins or reputation at the end of your run. This is made up for by the significant increase in tombs per hour, chests looted per hour, Feathers of Ma'at obtained, and chances at the off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian. You will need level 90 in each required skill to do tier 3 Shifting Tombs.

Getting to Shifting Tombs Quickly for Reset

To maximise tombs per hour, players should be prepared to teleport out instead of getting to the exit rope if the pathing is unfavorable. The best method for resetting at shifting tombs are as follows from best to worst.

  1. Menaphos shifting tombs teleport to get directly into the minigame
  2. Merchant district teleport for a straight shot you can surge or bladed dive to the entrance
  3. Worker district teleport for a short L-shaped run
  4. Imperial district teleport diagonal path
  5. Port district teleport
  6. Menaphos lodestone click towards the tomb on the minimap while spamming surge to go north once and then surge again or use bladed dive to go west.

The slowest of these methods using the lodestone takes 15-20 seconds for reset with two surges. If the exit rope takes more than 15 seconds to reach players should teleport out using one of the above methods to reset.


The goals of efficient pathing are to minimise time spent running down corridors, skip corridors without chests, and loot all chests in the tomb and reset as quickly as possible. At the start of the run during the 5 second countdown, scout for any visible chests before the corrupted containers appear which make chests harder to detect. Players should also take the following into account when pathing each instance:

  • Exit rope - the exit rope typically spawns either right next to the starting point or at the end of its own corridor. If the exit rope is next to the starting point, it is usually more efficient to reset by teleport.
  • Corridors - every corridor ends in either a sarcophagus or an exit rope.
    • Players should only run down corridors as far as necessary to detect any chests. If none are visible, the corridor should be skipped.
    • Exit ropes only spawn on raw ground and never on sandstone. Sarcophagus corridors can appear on raw ground or sandstone and are visible from afar by looking for blue lights.
  • Visible chests and chest task. The chest task indicates the minimum number of chests that appear in the tomb. Occasionally, more chests than the minimum task requirement will spawn however so players should be on the lookout for extras. Players should open all chests that are visible before resetting.
    • 0-chest tasks. If no chests are visible from the starting point, quickly exit and restart.
    • 1-chest tasks. If only one chests is visible and the exit is nearby, open the chest and reset.
    • 2+-chest tasks. Check all corridors for extra chests beyond the minimum required before resetting.
  • Mobility skills. Players should use bladed dive and double surge to navigate tombs as quickly as possible.
    • Bladed Dive. Useful for turns that have a straight ahead to reorient your character.
    • Surge. Useful for straight stretches. Using the minimap can help with positioning.
    • Chaining Abilities. For long straight stretches, use bladed dive and surge on the same tick and then surge again to move as quickly as possible. Avoid clicking corrupted containers on these long stretches.

Chests, Containers, and Crystals

  • Chests. Generally speaking, chests should be opened as soon as they are encountered.
    • Once all chests are opened, reset as quickly as possible. Only use the exit rope if it is faster to reach than your teleport method would be.
    • When your character is attempting to open a chest, you can open nearby containers without interrupting the chest opening action.
    • Corrupted scarabs that appear occasionally when a chest is opened should be ignored.
  • Containers. Open all visible containers possible while Bladed Dive and Surge are on cool-down along your route towards chests.
    • Bursts of Energy. Every five containers opened will give another burst of energy and each container opened will reset the 20 second countdown for stored bursts of energy. This can be useful if opening a chest and the next chest is down a crystal-blocked path.
  • Crystals. Crystals should be ignored if they are not blocking a path leading to a chest. If crystals are blocking a chest path, save bursts of energy for them.

Expected Profit

Players can expect to complete around 26 tombs per hour with an average of 3 chests per tomb or 78 total chests. With Tier 5 Overall Menaphos reputation and all experience rewards disabled, each chest contains an average of 30 Feathers of Ma'at yielding roughly 2,340 Feathers of Ma'at per hour.

This method gives a 3.2% chance at receiving an off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian which is worth 52,186,247 coins. This hourly rate is determined by using the khopesh's 1/800 drop rate and an assumed 26 chests per hour. The formula is [1-(1-(Drop Rate))^Runs_per_Hour].