Searching a divine box trap

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Searching a divine box trap
Profit per instanceSearching divine box trap.gif
39,313 per instance
Activity time
40 seconds
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
3,538,170 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
64 Divination
66 Hunter (77+ recommended)
Item requirementsOther requirements
Vibrant energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vibrant energyVibrant energy
Chinchompa.png: RS3 Inventory image of ChinchompaChinchompa
Experience gainedLocation
16,343.8 HunterAnywhere
Inputs (22,025)Outputs (61,338)
45 × Vibrant energy.png Vibrant energy (12,825)
20 × Chinchompa.png Chinchompa (9,200)
7 × Chinchompa.png Chinchompa (3,220)
7 × Red chinchompa.png Red chinchompa (15,610)
18 × Grenwall spikes.png Grenwall spikes (31,572)
8 × Raw pawya meat.png Raw pawya meat (10,936)
Note: This guide's estimates are based on solo searches or participants. Profit may be greatly increased for the placer of the trap if there are a number of other players searching their trap. If you are a participant, i.e. someone else placed the trap, there is no divination requirement for creating nor are there any materials to input.

Once daily, a player may create one divine location of any kind. In addition to this, the player has a limit on how much they may harvest from any divine location. This limit is nearly, but not quite, reached from a single divine box trap. The time for creating and harvesting from divine locations resets every day at 00:00 UTC.

A divine box trap has a decent chance of giving the player raw pawya meat, which are 1,367 coins in the Grand Exchange each. As well as this are the modestly priced grenwall spikes, which, unlike the other materials are granted 2 at a time.

If you are placing a trap of your own, it is best to find a spot with others who would search it with you as each other participant on a divine location gives the placer extra loot at random intervals. The profit can be up to doubled for placing your own trap.

The divine box trap may be searched with as low as 53 hunter, however, profit will be minimal. The loot obtained from the trap is based on a player's hunter level. As most of the profit comes from raw pawya meat and grenwall spikes, players should at least be level 66 for maximum profit. The chance of receiving an extra item is 30% every 1.2 seconds per person. On average, you can expect 7 extra materials per other participant, working for up to 5 people. Note however, you will likely reach your limit before you can get 7 products from every participant. The following table shows the additional profit you may expect per person:

1 2 3 4 5
13,239 26,478 39,716 52,955 66,194