Running the Anachronia Agility Course for codex pages

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Running the Anachronia Agility Course
RequirementsAnachronia Agility Course temple balance.png
85 Agility (boosts can be used)
30 Magic (recommended for Surge)
65 Attack (recommended for Bladed Dive)
Mobile perk recommended
Dual melee weapons for use with Bladed Dive recommended
A tier 3 luck item recommended
Double surge recommended
Having unlocked Bladed Dive (recommended)

Agility cape to prevent taking damage when failing obstacles

Nimble outfit for additional Agility experience
ProfitExperience gained
5,615,033.47180,360 Agility based on 9 laps/hour
InputsOutputs (5,615,033.47)
0.14 × Double Surge codex (tradeable).png Double Surge codex (tradeable) (5,615,033.47) Can only be converted from the codex pages received in increments of 750

The profit assumes an average of 2 extra codex pages per lap and running 9 laps an hour.

Each lap at the Anachronia Agility Course earns a guaranteed 10 codex pages. This can be further increased by having at least tier three luck (such as the ring of Fortune and above, or a charged collector's insignia) which can randomly grant an additional 1-3 codex pages when completing an obstacle on the course. With tier 3 luck, each lap will grant a total of 12 codex pages on average.

When used to create a tradeable Double Surge codex, each page can be valued at 51,991.05 coins. When used to create a tradeable Double Escape codex, they can be valued at 63,727.4 coins. It should be noted that the codices' current Grand Exchange values may differ greatly to what they sell for.

At level 80 Agility, one bite of summer pie can be used per lap, if used at the first level 85 obstacle (769.5 coins/lap) or the god banner can also be used on to boost for 30 minutes (~3 laps). At level 82 Agility, one dose of agility potion can be used per lap, if used at the first level 85 obstacle (148.5 coins/lap).

The course is spread out with open areas between obstacles, using Bladed Dive and Surge combined with the Mobile perk will allow you to speed up laps significantly allowing for up to an additional lap per hour. Powerbursts of acceleration can also be used to quickly surge and bladed dive on parts of the course, further saving time. With double surge, bladed dive, mobile, and an optimised route, you can expect lap times around 6 minutes, which will let you run 9 to 10 laps per hour. Double surge is highly recommended as without it each lap will take 6:30 to 7 minutes, hurting profit rate significantly.