Raising frogs

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Raising Frogs
Profit per instance
51,570 per instance
Activity time
1 minute
Minimum recurrence time
12 Hours
Effective profit
3,094,200 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
42 Farming
45 Construction
Item requirementsOther requirements
600 beans None
Experience gainedLocation
500 FarmingRanch out of time
InputsOutputs (51,570)
270 × Poison slime.png Poison slime (51,570)
Every 12 hours you can buy 6 frogs using beans from Prehistoric Potterington. Place these in the small pen. When they are ready to harvest, selling them back to the collector will yield 450 beans. As such growing any other animals on your farm to sell for beans should cover the small difference in beans.

The frogs DO NOT need feeding to produce the poison slime, however if they are fed they will also yield a total of 24K-30K FarmingFarming experience depending on their health and happiness. Purchasing flies from the pet shop in Taverley or Yanille is a cheap way to feed them if farming XP is desired.

The Construction skill requirement may be assisted and is only required to build the pen.