Picking potatoes

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Picking potatoes
RequirementsPicking potatoes.png
1 Farming if growing crops
ProfitExperience gained
InputsOutputs (501,424)
None616 x Raw potato.png: RS3 Inventory image of Raw potatoRaw potato (501,424)

Raw potatoes are the base ingredient for all types of potatoes with toppings, including one of the highest-healing foods in the game. There is a consistent demand for raw potatoes on the Grand Exchange, and someone has to pick them!

Potatoes can be found in potato fields, and the best free-to-play location is north of the Lumbridge cow pen. Starting off at the Lumbridge bank chest (at the Combat Academy), walk east past the bridge, and then north past the chickens. The potato field is directly to the east. Run to the Varrock Southeast Bank (North of potato field), bank inventory. Run back to the potato field to continue picking potatoes. Watch for dark wizards when running to Varrock Southeast Bank.

Picking potatoes takes approximately 120 seconds for an inventory of 28. It also takes 42 seconds seconds to run back and forth from the potato field to the bank, for a run time of 164 seconds. This means that you can make a total of 22 trips/hour and pick about 616 potatoes in an hour. The potatoes can be sold on the Grand Exchange, but can be difficult to sell at times. The low profit and lack of experience makes it an inefficient method for high-level players, but its lack of requirements makes it a good method for newer players. Members can use sacks to reduce the amount of time spent banking, and increase profit earned per hour. Potato seeds are sometimes obtained from picking potatoes, which will decrease profit margins; it is therefore recommended to do this method on a free to play world if the account being used already has membership, as this will prevent the harvest of seeds.