Mucking dragon manure

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Mucking Dragon Manure
Profit per instance
2,867,865 per instance
Activity time
70 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
90 minutes
Effective profit
2,458,170 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
92 FarmingNone
Item requirementsOther requirements
105 bucketsNone
Experience gainedLocation
157,500 FarmingAllotments
Inputs (28,350)Outputs (2,896,215)
105 × Bucket.png Bucket (28,350)
105 × Ultracompost.png Ultracompost (2,896,215)
Level 92 Farming is required to raise dragons and have royal dragons in the large pens. Each pile of red dragon manure can be mucked to fill one bucket. Climb into the stile, hover over a pile of red dragon manure, and click "Muck out Dragon manure" to fill a bucket. Once you have 15 buckets of dragon manure, use them to fill a compost bin and then close it. Ultracompost takes 90 minutes to decompose in a bin, and each bin needs 15 buckets of dragon manure to produce ultracompost. A full bin will yield 15 buckets of ultracompost, which have a total value of 413,745. Compost bins can be found at the following locations:
Compost bin locations
Farm south of Falador (Cabbage-port with Explorer ring 3 or 4)
West of Port Phasmatys (Teleport using Master farming outfit (up to three a day) or Ectophial)
Manor Farm north-east of Ardougne (Teleport using Master farming outfit, Ardougne cloak, or Ardougne lodestone)
North-west of Catherby (Just west of the Catherby lodestone)
Next to the potato patch in Taverley (Just north of Taverley lodestone)
Herblore Habitat (Teleport using Master farming outfit (if a witchdoctor mask or juju spiritbag is owned) or a juju spiritbag)
Inner circle of the Crwys district in Prifddinas

Using the Bull perk from having 2 large pens with Farm totems and bulls in them will give 50% extra compost, for an average of 152.5 ultracompost or 4,165,232.5 profit per instance.