Mixing super defence potions

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Mixing super defence potions
RequirementsMixing super defence.png

66 Herblore
49 Dungeoneering recommended


modified botanist's mask.png: RS3 Inventory image of modified botanist's maskmodified botanist's mask (recommended)
portable well.png: RS3 Inventory image of portable wellPortable wells (recommended)

Scroll of cleansing.png: RS3 Inventory image of Scroll of cleansingScroll of cleansing unlocked (recommended)
ProfitExperience gained
1,423,710396000 Herblore
Inputs (19,727,280)Outputs (21,150,990)
2,400 × Cadantine potion (unf).png Cadantine potion (unf) (15,184,800)
2,160 × White berries.png White berries (4,542,480)
1,890 × Super defence (4).png Super defence (4) (21,150,990)

The rates assume 2400 potions are mixed per hour with the scroll of cleansing and free portable wells. Your actual profit rate may be higher or lower depending on your speed and the use of portable wells/scroll of cleansing.

Use of the scroll of cleansing will result in an additional profit of 504,720 per hour as it gives a 10% chance to save an ingredient on potion mixing.

The use of a portable well will result in an additional profit of 1,007,190 and 36000 Herblore per hour as it grant +10% experience and a 5% chance to double potion output. In addition, the modified botanist's mask also gives a 5% chance of producing an extra potion.

Buying portable wells will cost 446,868 per hour. The cost can be avoided by using wells placed by other players. The Lumbridge Market on world 84 is a popular location.


  • 1. Find or set up a portable well by a bank
  • 2. Craft potions using bank presets and portable well
  • 3. Decant potions (Noted) into 4 dose potions. This can be done at Bob Barter just west of the Grand Exchange.