Mining luminite

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Mining luminite
RequirementsDwarven luminite mine.png
Luminite stone spirit.png: RS3 Inventory image of Luminite stone spiritLuminite stone spirits
Rune pickaxe.png: RS3 Inventory image of Rune pickaxeRune pickaxe or better
Adamant ore box.png: RS3 Inventory image of Adamant ore boxAdamant ore box or better
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,256,895491.58%70,000 Mining
Inputs (255,684)Outputs (1,512,579)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Luminite stone spirit.pngLuminite stone spirit596255,684
ItemQuantityGE Price
Spirit shards.pngSpirit shards31.11746.67
Uncut opal.pngUncut opal12.046,032
Uncut jade.pngUncut jade7.8115,670
Uncut red topaz.pngUncut red topaz4.593,928
Uncut sapphire.pngUncut sapphire2.861,662
Uncut emerald.pngUncut emerald1.61574.48
Uncut ruby.pngUncut ruby0.95349.97
Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond0.89767.95

Luminite can be mined in a few places, but one of the best is in the Dwarven luminite mine underneath Falador. It's recommended to have at least 15 dungeoneering as this allows you to enter the mysterious entrance close by into the Dwarven Mine resource dungeon where you will find a bank deposit box. This drastically decreases the time required to bank. Carrying an adamant ore box or better allows the player to hold more ores before needing to bank. The output is calculated having full stamina at all times. Sedimentary geodes will also be received while mining and they can later be opened to retrieve spirit shards and different gems. Wearing an amulet of glory increases the chance of receiving geodes by 1%. The player should use the best pickaxe possible as it will grant more ores per hour. Here you find a table over estimated profit per hour with different mining levels and pickaxes.

For a close approximation of ore mined per hour (of pure mining) based on your levels and gear see the mining rate calculator.

Mining Level Pickaxe Total time per run (sec) Ore (hour) Sedimentary geode (hour) Profit (hour) Experience (hour) Using luminite stone spirits
40 Adamant pickaxe 266 365 18 463,263 41100 No
50 Rune pickaxe +3 202 482 48 623,548 54200 No
60 Rune pickaxe +3 186 524 52 677,565 58900 No
70 Rune pickaxe +3 172 565 57 730,639 63500 No
80 Rune pickaxe +3 161 605 60 782,564 68000 No
90 Rune pickaxe +3 151 644 64 833,650 72500 No
99 Rune pickaxe +3 143 679 68 878,739 76400 No
99 Rune pickaxe +3 82 1192 60 1,256,895 67000 Yes