Making torstol incense sticks

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Making torstol incense sticks
75 Firemaking
ProfitExperience gained
2,558,000150,000 Firemaking, 62,500 Prayer
Inputs (5,042,000)Outputs (7,600,000)
500 × Magic incense sticks.png Magic incense sticks (832,000)
1,000 × Infernal ashes.png Infernal ashes (1,194,000)
500 × Clean torstol.png Clean torstol (3,016,000)
500 × Torstol incense sticks.png Torstol incense sticks (7,600,000)

Torstol incense sticks are used by wealthy players for their global experience boost. While it would technically be faster to use infernal magic incense sticks in the process, there is no profit margin for whoever makes those, and as such they will hardly ever be found on the Grand Exchange. It takes 5 ticks to apply the ashes to the sticks, then 6 ticks to apply the herb to the ashed sticks. Accounting for some extra time for banking, 500 ashed and herbed incense sticks per hour is a reasonable expectation.

The Prayer experience from ashing the magic incense sticks is identical to the experience from scattering the ashes, but unlike typical Prayer and Firemaking training methods, incense turns the logs and ashes into a sellable product rather than simply being destroyed, making it a rare method of training either skill that can actually make money in the process. It is slower Prayer XP than scattering the ashes due to the time required per ash and about half the time being taken up with applying the herb instead, to say nothing of using altars for Prayer training, but it is Prayer XP at a profit nonetheless.

Other incense types may be profitable, but Torstol and Fellstalk generate the most Prayer XP, and incenses below Cadantine generate significantly less due to using Impious or Accursed ashes rather than Infernal, which grant much less Prayer XP each.