Making the Spear of Annihilation

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Making the Spear of Annihilation
RequirementsSpear of Annihilation.png
115 Archaeology
Guildmaster Tony's mattock.png: RS3 Inventory image of Guildmaster Tony's mattockGuildmaster Tony's mattock recommended
ProfitExperience gained
4,107,702.43460,000 Archaeology[1]
Inputs (221,063.22)Outputs (4,328,765.64)
9.09 × Third Age iron.png Third Age iron (27,642.69)
9.09 × White oak.png White oak (14,953.05)
9.09 × Aetherium alloy.png Aetherium alloy (41,377.68)
0.91 × Warforged bronze.png Warforged bronze (3,602.37)
0.091 × Chaotic spike 5.png Chaotic spike (0) Dungeoneering token.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dungeoneering token 1,818
9.09 × Vulcanised rubber.png Vulcanised rubber (25,597.44)
9.09 × Malachite green.png Malachite green (38,123.46)
14.54 × Goldrune.png Goldrune (27,444.53)
0.018 × Spear of Annihilation.png Spear of Annihilation (4,328,765.64)

This profit rate assumes 909 material digs an hour[1]. Actual profit may be higher or lower depending on archaeology level, drop rates, and other boosts or invention perks.

The result is very RNG based due to the drop rate being 1/50000.