Making scentless potions

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Making Scentless potions
RequirementsShadow jadinko.png
Modified botanist's mask (highly recommended)
Three pieces of the Factory outfit (recommended)
Has read the scroll of cleansing (highly recommended)
ProfitROIExperience gained
857,034343.35%52250 Hunter
16335 Herblore
Inputs (249,609)Outputs (1,106,644)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Argway potion (unf).pngArgway potion (unf)121234,256
Botanist's amulet.pngBotanist's amulet1.2112,066
Portable well.pngPortable well13,287
ItemQuantityGE Price
Scentless potion (3).pngScentless potion (3)120.71,024,722
Scentless potion (4).pngScentless potion (4)6.3581,922

Since being made tradeable, Scentless potions have become popular among players wanting to train hunter quickly. They are also used to make Perfect juju agility potions, which are used by some players when training Agility. Unlike most potions, the scentless potion requires an untradeable secondary ingredient, and one which is considered somewhat tedious to gather at that. For these reasons, scentless potions have become significantly more valuable than their unfinished version, with a profit of at least 6,554 coins per potion awaiting those willing to gather the shadow vines required.

Shadow vines are gathered by hunting Shadow jadinkos using a noose wand. Before hunting shadow jadinkos, they must first be attracted to the habitat. This is done by building an abandoned house and planting a red blossom seed. The former either requires level 57 Construction or costs 57,000 coins, while the latter requires level 54 Farming (though the Assist System can be used). This only needs to be done once, unless the house and/or flower is later replaced.

While the size of the area and the large number of searchable objects might suggest that tracking jadinkos is complex, there are only a handful of paths, each requiring searching only three objects.

Starting from the east burrow, there is only one possible path. This path is relatively long and ends near the west burrow. Starting from the west burrow, there are three possible paths to follow. Two of these are relatively long and end near the east burrow, while the last is much shorter than all the rest and ends near the west burrow. The presence of a shorter path, and thus the shorter average path length, makes the west burrow more attractive. However, if the player is already standing much closer to the east burrow, starting there and following that path is better than running across the entire habitat to get to the west burrow.

Upon having gathered a satisfactory number of shadow vines (nine for every ten unfinished potions if using the Scroll of Cleansing, or one for each if not), the next step is to make the potions. This is done by simply adding the vines to the unfinished potions. Using the Modified botanist's mask, Portable wells, the Factory outfit, the Scroll of cleansing and Botanist's amulets to save vines or produce extra potions is highly recommended at this stage. As most of those are untradable and some have relatively high requirements, only the botanist's amulet, portable well and scroll of lceansing are included in the profit calculations. All together, these boosts will allow you to create an average of 1.38 potions per vine, compared to just 1 potion per vine without any of them.

Since the shadow vines stack, no inventory space will be cleared while making the potions, meaning any strange or golden rocks you find will end up destroying a potion unless you are wearing the Statue collection bag.

Depending on current prices, it may be more profitable to decant all potions to 3 or 4 doses before selling. This can be done by Bob Barter (herbs) at the Grand Exchange, Rhobert Dail (herbs) at the Tower of Voices, or Rhodri Dail at the Max Guild. Currently, 4-dose potions are worth 3,224 coins per dose, while 3-dose potions are worth 2,830 coins per dose.

This guide uses a figure of 110 jadinkos caught and 121 potions made each hour. This is only an estimate, made from limited testing at level 99 hunter. Low-level players might not be able to reach these numbers, while high level players may be able to surpass them.

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