Making ruby rings from ores

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Making ruby ring from gold ores
34 Crafting
40 Smithing

Gold ore
Ring mould (if not already in your tool belt)

Recommended: Family Crest

Recommended: Varrock armour 2 and medium New Varrock Tasks
Recommended: Artisan's outfit
Recommended: Blacksmith's outfit

ProfitExperience gained
683,76039,200 Crafting
12,600 Smithing
Inputs (899,360)Outputs (1,583,120)
560 × Gold ore.png Gold ore (303,520)
560 × Ruby.png Ruby (595,840)
560 × Ruby ring.png Ruby ring (1,583,120)
For analysis on ruby rings made from bars, see Money making guide/Making ruby rings from bars

Ruby rings are made by combining a gold bar and a cut ruby. It is highly recommended you make a bank preset with 14 rubies and 14 gold bars, and a preset with 28 gold ore. You should bind these presets to quick presets 1 and 2.

Smith all of the bars using your 28 ore preset, then use the 14/14 preset to craft the rings. Wearing Varrock armour 2 gives a chance to smelt 2 bars at once; the medium New Varrock Tasks also have to be completed for this to apply at a portable forge or Lumbridge furnace.

The process is fairly click intensive, and very tedious. The crafting can be done at the Lumbridge furnace, across the street from the Lumbridge Market bank chest. It takes 9 seconds to travel between the bank and furnace, so the times increase to 88 seconds for 28 bars and 44 seconds for 14 rings, for a total cycle time of 176 seconds (just under 3 minutes per cycle). 20 cycles per hour gives 560 rings per hour, for a profit of 683,760 per hour.