Making ripper demon binding contracts

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Making Ripper Demon (familiar) contracts
RequirementsRipper demon.png

96 Slayer, Summoning
95 Prayer
68 Archaeology


Off-hand drygore weapon and Demon Slayer Perk on any amour piece
Cinderbane gloves
Spring Cleaner
Superior leviathan ring for damage reduction
Amulet of souls for increased deflection using curses
Vampyrism aura optional
Scrimshaw of vampyrism optional
Defence skillcape for sign of life perk

Dagon Bye for access to ancient summoning
The Temple at Senntisten for access to curses
99 Slayer (optional for access to Personal Slayer Dungeon)
ProfitExperience gained

280,000 Combat
92,000 Constitution
10,700 Summoning

Inputs (4,987,340.5)Outputs (15,614,183.33)
200 × Shark.png Shark (487,400)
5 × Super restore (4).png Super restore (4) (27,885)
260 × Hellfire metal.png Hellfire metal (1,264,900)
260 × Blood of Orcus.png Blood of Orcus (1,318,200)
1.5 × Weapon poison+++ (4).png Weapon poison+++ (4) (42,955.5)
2 × Overload flask (6).png Overload flask (6) (300,000)
26,000 × Spirit shards.png Spirit shards (546,000)
1,000,000 × Coins 10000.png Coins (1,000,000) for armour repairs / divine charges (assuming augmented t90 gear and high Smithing)
42 × Wine of Zamorak.png Wine of Zamorak (415,674)
0.13 × Cursed amascut sand.png Cursed amascut sand (995,779.33)

Approximately 36 binding pouches can be made per minute with the necessary materials using a yak and attuned crystal teleport seed. Spending 5 minutes preparing binding pouches will supply you with an hours worth for killing ripper demons to bind them. Alternatively, the Taverley shop method can be used to create up to 60 binding pouches per minute, but it is more expensive.

Bring 12-14 binding pouches along with an overload, super restore, weapon poison ++, and sharks or better food to the cave underneath the Abbey east of the Al Kharid lodestone. Use deflect melee and turmoil when attacking the ripper demons. They have a 1-hit KO mechanic once their adrenaline bar reaches 100%. Simply run east of them when they leap in the air (or Escape/Surge) to dodge their attack. Also, when they die, they spin dealing rapid damage. Scrimshaw of Vampyrism and Vampyrism aura makes it significantly more easy to survive here. If you drop below 35% health, the ripper demons will become aggressive and jump on you. Simply stay until you have turned all of your pouches into contracts or run out of food. Bringing a Spring cleaner will automatically alch the salvage that is dropped. Only pick up the most expensive noted drops as picking up cheaper loot will simply waste too much time and inventory space. Teleport to War's Retreat to resupply and use the Al Kharid lodestone to return.

Alternatively, two ripper demons can be placed in your Personal Slayer Dungeon if you want to decrease the risk of being piled when your health drops.