Making raw admiral pie

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Making raw admiral pies
RequirementsRaw admiral pie detail.png
70 Cooking
ProfitROIExperience gained
2,551,920286.06%2,520 Cooking
Inputs (892,080)Outputs (3,444,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Pie shell.pngPie shell840133,560
Raw potato.pngRaw potato840645,120
ItemQuantityGE Price
Raw admiral pie.pngRaw admiral pie8403,444,000

Raw admiral pies are used to quickly train Cooking and Magic by using the Bake Pie spell. They are made by using the ingredients (Salmon, Tuna, Raw potato) on a Pie shell, in that order. To avoid losing money, test out the profit of making one pie before you do them in bulk.

Buy an equal number of pie shells, salmon, tuna and raw potatoes from the Grand Exchange (each has a buying limit of 1,000 per four hours). Withdraw 14 pie shells and 14 salmon, and use one on the other. This will bring up a menu to make part admiral pies, so click to make-all. Once you've made 14, bank them and repeat. When all of your salmon and pie shells are gone, use the tuna on the part summer pies in the same fashion, and then use the raw potatoes on the part admiral pie 2s to create raw admiral pies. Adding an ingredient 14 times will take about 20 seconds including banking, so you can make up to 840 raw admiral pies per hour.

You can then sell the pies on the Grand Exchange. To maximise your profit, buy one raw admiral pie at the instant price, and then sell all of yours for that price.