Making potion flasks

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Making potion flasks
Profit per instanceMaking potion flasks.png
1,604,543 per instance
Activity time
7 minutes
Minimum recurrence time
24 hours
Effective profit
13,753,221 per hour
Skill requirementsQuest requirements
89 Crafting
81 Mining
As a First Resort
Item requirementsOther requirements
Crystal pickaxe.png: RS3 Inventory image of Crystal pickaxeCrystal pickaxe or better on the tool belt
Resourceful aura recommended
Finished the Elite Desert Tasks
Experience gainedLocation
7,500 Crafting
5,250 Mining
East of Sophanem
InputsOutputs (1,604,543)
82.5 × Potion flask.png Potion flask (1,604,543)
Potion flasks are popular because they can hold 2 more doses per inventory space over vials. Once daily, you can mine up to 75 red sandstone (or 50 if you have not completed the Elite Desert Tasks) which can be turned into potion flasks.

The first location for red sandstone is just outside of Oo'glog. This location can be mined for 50 sand stone a day and is right near the Robust glass machine. Mine a full inventory and then crawl through the adjacent hole into Oo'glog. Run west to the robust glass machine and left click it to convert all your red sandstone to robust glass. After that, blow the glass into flasks and then bank them. Return to the rock outside of Oo'glog and mine the rest of your daily red sandstone, turning those into flasks as well.

Alternatively after Plague's End, the sandstone can be banked using signs of the porter and later turned into glass using the machine in Prifddinas, which is closer to a bank.

If you have completed the Elite Desert Tasks, there is another sandstone rock east of Sophanem that can be mined for extra 25 red sandstone a day. The fastest way to get here is with a Pharaoh's sceptre or a Sceptre of the Gods. A Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport tablet is almost as fast. Using the Menaphos lodestone is also an option.

Red sandstone can only be mined once per day, resetting at 00:00 UTC.

With the Shooting Star D&D bonus, it will yield 25% more red sandstones, which will mine on average 93 per day. Combined with Resourceful aura, one can yield 104 on average.