Making portents of restoration X

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Making portents of restoration X
RequirementsMaking portents of restoration X.png
97 Divination
ProfitExperience gained
3,310,06534,749 Divination
Inputs (34,979,175)Outputs (38,289,240)
89,100 × Incandescent energy 1000.png Incandescent energy (27,888,300)
1,485 × Rocktail.png Rocktail (7,090,875)
1,485 × Portent of restoration X.png Portent of restoration X (38,289,240)

Portents of restoration X are portents which restore the life points of the player carrying them when they fall below 50%. As a way to restore life points in an emergency with no input required and no loss of adrenaline, they are quite attractive to players engaging in risky combat encounters. This means creating them can be rather profitable, for those who have the Divination level to do so.

Each portent of restoration X is made from a rocktail and 60 incandescent energy, and can be made anywhere. Up to 27 portents can be made per inventory, from 27 rocktails and 1620 energy. Using bank presets to speed up the banking process is recommended. Even higher rates can be achieved by two-ticking the creation of the portents.