Making harralander tar with Telekinetic Grind

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Making harralander tar with Telekinetic Grind
RequirementsUsing mortar and pestle.gif
44 Herblore
85 Magic
Lunar Diplomacy
Law staff highly recommended
Large rune pouch highly recommended
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,305,000 Herblore
64,080 Magic
Inputs (80,739,360)Outputs (90,720,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Swamp tar.pngSwamp tar270,00047,790,000
Clean harralander.pngClean harralander18,00031,716,000
Astral rune.pngAstral rune1,4401,072,800
Law rune.pngLaw rune720160,560
ItemQuantityGE Price
Harralander tar.pngHarralander tar270,00090,720,000

Make a bank preset with 2 astral runes, 1 law rune, 375 swamp tar, and 25 clean harralander. You can use the law staff and/or the large rune pouch to save inventory spaces and increase profits. Load the preset and then cast the spell Telekinetic Grind. This will instantly generate 375 harralander tar.

This method assumes you average 5 seconds per inventory, or 720 inventories completed per hour. Use the input at the top of the page to adjust this number based on your speed.

You will not be able to buy enough swamp tar off the Grand Exchange alone as you can only buy 20,000 swamp tar per 4 hours, whereas this method uses 270,000 swamp tar per hour. You will need to buy from another player in bulk.