Making botanist's amulets

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Making botanist's amulets
34 Crafting
27 Magic
Recommended: Family Crest, to be able to store silver in the metal bank
Recommended: Artisan's outfit
ProfitROIExperience gained
4,572,800127.65%19,200 Crafting
29,600 Magic
Inputs (3,582,400)Outputs (8,155,200)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Silver bar.pngSilver bar800707,200
Ball of wool.pngBall of wool800999,200
Cosmic rune.pngCosmic rune800213,600
ItemQuantityGE Price
Botanist's amulet (new).pngBotanist's amulet (new)8008,155,200

The first process of this method requires combining silver bars and jades in a furnace. You can go to the Lumbridge furnace and use the convenient bank chest at the nearby Lumbridge Market to make unstrung jade amulets. Alternatively, if you have unlocked access to the furnace at Edgeville, you will be able to run supplies to and from the nearby bank easily. If you have completed Family Crest you do not have to hold the silver bars in your inventory, as the metal bank in the furnace will supply you with your bars if you store them inside.

Upon completion of all of these unstrung amulets, proceed to string all of them using balls of wool. The stringing should not take nearly as long as either of the two other processes.

The final step in this method is to enchant the amulets by using the Lvl-2 Enchant spell in Standard spells.