Making spirit weed potions with scroll of cleansing

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Making Spirit weed potion (unf)s with Scroll of Cleansing
RequirementsHerblore potion mixing.gif
49 Herblore, Dungeoneering
Scroll of cleansing.png: RS3 Inventory image of Scroll of cleansingScroll of cleansing
30,000,000+ recommended
ProfitROIExperience gained
5,907,66029.21%2,200 Herblore
Inputs (20,223,940)Outputs (26,131,600)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Clean spirit weed.pngClean spirit weed1,98020,043,540
Vial of water.pngVial of water2,200180,400
ItemQuantityGE Price
Spirit weed potion (unf).pngSpirit weed potion (unf)2,20026,131,600

Spirit weed potion (unf) are used to create Summoning potions. Summoning potions are often used in high-level combat scenarios. While Spirit weed potion (unf)s are very useful, they are also incredibly tedious to make and do not give meaningful Herblore experience, causing many players to purchase them instead.

The bulk of your profit will come from the use of the Scroll of Cleansing. This scroll will give you a 10% chance to save a Clean spirit weed when creating a Spirit weed potion (unf). As a result, you can (on average) receive 10 unfinished Spirit weed potions for every 9 Clean spirit weed that you use. The scroll of cleansing can be obtained through Dungeoneering at a cost of 20,000 tokens.

As with other money-making methods of creating unfinished potions, the profit margins can be easily tested by buying 1 Vial of water and 1 Clean spirit weed and making them into 1 Spirit weed potion (unf). If buying these supplies and selling the resulting material(s) nets a profit, then you can achieve great profit expanding this out in bulk. When preparing to use this money-making method in bulk, make sure to buy your herbs and vials of water in a 9 to 10 ratio, as you will (on average) save 10% of your clean herbs (with the scroll of cleansing).

To efficiently make Spirit weed potion (unf)s in bulk, you can create a bank preset that contains 14 Clean spirit weed and 14 Vials of water. With a preset, you can expect to produce approximately 2,000 unfinished potions per hour.

In addition, you can increase your output (and profit) by using a Portable well (non-Ironman accounts only). This will give you an additional 5% chance to produce an extra unfinished potion (and send it directly to your bank). With a Portable Well, you can expect to produce approximately 2,310 Spirit weed potion (unf) per hour. This can raise the profit per hour to 7,214,240.