Making Dust Cloud scrolls during the Amlodd Voice of Seren

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Making Smoke Devil scroll (Dust Cloud)s during the the Amlodd Voice of Seren
75 Summoning
Attuned crystal teleport seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Attuned crystal teleport seedAttuned crystal teleport seed or Master camouflage outfit
Plague's End
ProfitROIExperience gained
19,878,08363.05%23,760 Summoning
Inputs (31,529,917)Outputs (51,408,000)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Smoke devil pouch.pngSmoke devil pouch7,20031,500,000
Pack mammoth pouch.pngPack mammoth pouch129,917
ItemQuantityGE Price
Smoke Devil scroll (Dust Cloud).pngSmoke Devil scroll (Dust Cloud)86,40051,408,000

The Smoke devil's special move, Dust Cloud, deals up to at least 791 magic damage to 6 nearby enemies, which is very useful for killing low level monsters with dense spawns like Turoths and Corpse spiders. Because most players choose to buy these scrolls on the Grand Exchange instead of making them, there is lots of profit in turning Smoke devil pouches into scrolls.

To start off, buy smoke devil pouches on the Grand Exchange. They have a buying limit of 5,000 per four hours. To save money, find the lowest price that others are buying the pouches for, and put in an offer slightly higher than theirs. This can be achieved by instantly buying a pouch at a high price, and then selling it for a low price. Buy pouches for slightly more than yours sold for, over-cutting other buyers. It will take longer to fulfil, but it will greatly increase the profit.

The best way to make scrolls is at the Amlodd obelisk during the Amlodd Voice of Seren. Begin by summoning a Beast of Burden, and withdrawing 28 smoke devil pouches into both your inventory and your familiar. Use the attuned crystal teleport seed to teleport to the Amlodd district, and run to the Obelisk. Use your pouches on the obelisk, and they will be made into scrolls. Withdraw from your familiar, and use your pouches on the obelisk again. Teleport to a bank by using the attuned crystal teleport seed to travel to Ithell (8) or Trahaearn (0). Bank your scrolls and repeat. Each run takes 30 seconds, so you can use around 7200 pouches per hour using a pack mammoth. This produces around 86,400 scrolls per hour.

You can decrease the travel time and increase the overall profit per hour by keybinding your Attuned crystal teleport seed as well as using the Surge ability with the Mobile perk.

After you've made all of your scrolls, sell them on the Grand Exchange. The efficiency of this method may depend on current market trends, so it would be wise to to try to maximise your profit by buying one of the scrolls instantly, and selling yours for slightly less than that.

As of the time of writing, it is common for the Grand Exchange price of the Smoke devil pouches to be considerably lower than actual buying price, so be aware that it is unlikely you will see the kind of profits quoted above.