Killing warped tortoises

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Killing warped tortoises
RequirementsKilling warped tortoises.png
70 Magic/Ranged recommended
70 Defence recommended
Level 70+ ranged weapon and armour or magic weapon and armour recommended
Crystal chime.png: RS3 Inventory image of Crystal chimeCrystal chime
Tirannwn quiver 1.png: RS3 Inventory image of Tirannwn quiver 1Tirannwn quiver 1 (Optional but recommended)
The Path of Glouphrie
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,442,245inf%90,000 Magic/Ranged
30,000 Constitution
InputsOutputs (1,442,245)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Tortoise shell.pngTortoise shell501,193,200
Mithril ore.pngMithril ore13568,850
Swamp tar.pngSwamp tar600148,200

The warped tortoises in the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon commonly drop tortoise shells, currently worth 23,864. Accessing the dungeon requires completion of The Path of Glouphrie, and it can be reached by using the spirit tree to go to the mountains east of the Poison Waste. Inside the dungeon, there are two good places to kill warped tortoises -- directly up the stairs from the entrance is very easy to get to, but consequently it is more often occupied. The second location takes about a minute to get to and goes past aggressive warped terrorbirds that can do significant damage on the way there, but Tirannwn quiver 1 will let you use the Elven Crystal which shortens the trip significantly. Both locations have two spawns. The quiver will also cause some of the shells to be noted when they drop.

Once you've picked a spot, kill the tortoises by using your basic abilities. They only have 5200 life points so they can be defeated in 5 to 10 seconds. Kill the other one, and wait for the first to respawn -- on very popular worlds this will only take around 11 or 12 seconds, while on normal worlds it might be closer to 20 seconds. Damage taken is negligible with decent armour, so on an average world, you can kill about 300 tortoises per hour.

Their main drop is tortoise shells, which commonly drop 1 to 3 at a time. Swamp tar and noted mithril ore and coal and noted cabbage are also worth picking up. With a decent rate of tortoise shells, you'll have to bank about twice per hour.

Magic notepaper may also be used to note the Tortoise Shells, which will increase the profit per hour and reduce the need to bank frequently.