Killing warped bats

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Killing warped bats
RequirementsKilling warped bats.png
30 Combat recommended
Two-handed ranged or magic weapon recommended
The Blood Pact
ProfitExperience gained
500,85030,000 Combat
10,000 Constitution
InputsOutputs (500,850)
None150 x Batwing.png: RS3 Inventory image of BatwingBatwing (500,850)

The warped bats in the Lumbridge Catacombs drop batwing about 25% of the time. They are quite easy to kill fast, as they only have 600 life points and respawn almost instantly. Using a two-handed weapon to maximise the initial auto-attack, use basic abilities like Wrack or Piercing Shot to kill them if the first hit isn't enough. Pick up any batwing, and teleport back with the Lumbridge lodestone, bank, and repeat.