Killing vyrelords and vyreladies

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Killing vyrelords & vyreladies

78 Magic
80 Defence
92 Prayer

Sunspear (magic).png: RS3 Inventory image of Sunspear (magic)Sunspear (magic)
River of Blood

500 corpses burnt
Seedicide.png: RS3 Inventory image of SeedicideSeedicide on toolbelt
 Advanced gold accumulator.png: RS3 Inventory image of  Advanced gold accumulator Advanced gold accumulator on toolbelt
Overload flask (6).png: RS3 Inventory image of Overload flask (6)Overload flask (6) or Holy overload potion (6).png: RS3 Inventory image of Holy overload potion (6)Holy overload potion (6)
Potion reservoir.png: RS3 Inventory image of Potion reservoirPotion reservoir
Master/Supreme Corruption aura, harmony aura or salvation aura recommended
Morytania legs 4 recommended
Penance aura recommended if Morytania legs or master auras above are not owned
Tier 70+ magic armour recommended

ProfitExperience gained

536,400 Magic
177,000 Constitution
224,000 Prayer
160,000 Firemaking
~100,000 Farming

Inputs (453,432)Outputs (5,355,764)
60 × Nature rune.png Nature rune (18,240)
300 × Fire rune.png Fire rune (32,100)
20 × Spring.png Spring (69,880)
784 × Blood rune.png Blood rune (440,608)
1,120 × Death rune.png Death rune (291,200)
16 × Grimy torstol.png Grimy torstol (85,024)
16 × Grimy toadflax.png Grimy toadflax (163,968)
124.8 × Grimy ranarr.png Grimy ranarr (514,425.6)
139.2 × Grimy avantoe.png Grimy avantoe (145,603.2)
124.8 × Grimy snapdragon.png Grimy snapdragon (184,704)
16 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (132,096)
16 × Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed (229,008)
16 × Grimy kwuarm.png Grimy kwuarm (224,080)
121.6 × Red spiders' eggs.png Red spiders' eggs (386,688)
50.4 × Wine of Zamorak.png Wine of Zamorak (496,893.6)
64 × Limpwurt root.png Limpwurt root (292,800)
0.08 × Runite stone spirit.png Runite stone spirit (129.6)
32 × Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby (53,824)
32 × Uncut diamond.png Uncut diamond (136,096)
5.6 × Tooth half of a key.png Tooth half of a key (72,688)
4.8 × Medium spiky rune salvage.png Medium spiky rune salvage (108,849.6)
24.8 × Splitbark body.png Splitbark body (648,644)
37.6 × Splitbark helm.png Splitbark helm (186,007.2)
480 × Rune arrow 5.png Rune arrow (72,960)
4.8 × Large plated rune salvage.png Large plated rune salvage (146,774.4)
10.4 × Tiny plated rune salvage.png Tiny plated rune salvage (72,040.8)
267,900 × Coins 10000.png Coins (267,900)

Alching all the dragon spears, rune salvage, and splitbark drops will help keep you from banking. The Splitbark helms can be used to drop on the ground, and using area loot, can pick up drops. Skilling pets can be obtained here, this includes the prayer and firemaking pet.

Using the highest tiers of the corruption aura, harmony aura or salvation aura along with the extra prayer XP from Morytania legs 4 can result in infinite prayer. Otherwise, try to maximise your gear set to prayer bonus so you can stay in one spot longer, than having to either go to the altar or bank often. Penance aura can help, though it is more expensive to extend and requires you take more damage to sustain prayer.

A good spot to AFK for suitably geared players is between the tree and west of the building, which is south of the bank.

Useful inventory items include Enhanced excalibur, a gem bag, a spirit gem bag, a small or large rune pouch (wicked pouch is also an option) if alching to save a slot otherwise use a spring cleaner.

Making use of a legendary pet to pick up drops is also convenient.

For armour, weapons and general setup information, see the strategies page.