Killing vinecrawlers

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Killing vinecrawlers
RequirementsFighting vinecrawler.jpg

104 Slayer
90 Ranged recommended
95 Prayer recommended
97 Herblore recommended


Enhanced excalibur
Charming imp

ProfitExperience gained
435,840 Combat
143,824 Constitution
Inputs (393,887.33)Outputs (15,082,895.36)
2 × Holy overload potion (6).png Holy overload potion (6) (337,821.33)
6 × Prayer potion (4).png Prayer potion (4) (45,870)
4 × Shark.png Shark (10,196)
40.8 × Morchella mushroom.png Morchella mushroom (337,252.8)
137.76 × Potato cactus.png Potato cactus (234,054.24)
33.28 × Uncut dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone (335,628.8)
113.12 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (974,981.28)
337.12 × Mud rune.png Mud rune (321,275.36)
66 × Water talisman.png Water talisman (286,440)
33.6 × Earth battlestaff.png Earth battlestaff (277,872)
26.4 × Water battlestaff.png Water battlestaff (218,618.4)
135.36 × Blight bolts 5.png Blight bolts (223,073.28)
0.11 × Cinderbane gloves.png Cinderbane gloves (9,608,165.23) On task, 1/1500
0.11 × Ancient elven ritual shard.png Ancient elven ritual shard (1,923,077.65) On task, 1/1500
342,456.32 × Coins 10000.png Coins (342,456.32)

The profit rate assumes 160 kills per hour with low input using Revolution++ while on a slayer task. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

The fastest way to get to vinecrawlers is to use the BJS fairyring code, which must first be unlocked by using 5 bittercap mushrooms on it. Otherwise the player will have to run west of the incandescent wisp colony to enter the grove.

Off-task: Cinderbane gloves, 1/5000, 2,882,450
Off-task: Ancient elven ritual shard, 1/5000, 576,923

They use highly damaging magic attacks against the player, so it is recommended to use Protect/Deflect Magic whilst fighting them.

After every 6 auto-attacks, Vinecrawlers perform a poisonous attack capable of dealing over 3,000 damage. However, it's important to note, unlike typical poison, the Poison Purge auras will not heal the player. This attack is signified when purple rings surround the Vinecrawler, which it expels towards the player's position in a manner similar to the Arhats. This attack can be easily avoided by stepping out of the spot the player is standing in at the start of the attack. The attack can also be blocked and healed in full from a well-timed Resonance.

It is possible to soulsplit on these creatures, by utilising stuns and binds. If using a Noxious longbow or Seren godbow, a vinecrawler may be bound while out of its attack range but within the player's attack range, thereby rendering it unable to deal damage. It will, however, soon break free and move within closer range and the player will have to switch back to protect/deflect magic.

Use of Protect/Deflect Magic alongside devotion, an Enhanced Excalibur, Vampirism aura, and occasional uses of resonance with a shieldbow switch (after taking off protect from magic) can lead to needing very little food, and may allow you to stay for much longer periods than without using the resonance-shieldbow switch to heal.