Killing spiritual warriors

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Killing spiritual warriors
RequirementsKilling spiritual warriors.png
99 Slayer for Personal Slayer Dungeon
90+ Magic recommended
95 Prayer recommended
43 Invention recommended
Salve amulet (e).png: RS3 Inventory image of Salve amulet (e)Salve amulet (e)
Staff of light.png Tier 70+ magic weapon
Spring cleaner.png: RS3 Inventory image of Spring cleanerSpring cleaner
The Jack of Spades
River of Blood (for berserk blood essence, optional)
Advanced gold accumulator.png: RS3 Inventory image of Advanced gold accumulatorAdvanced gold accumulator
Sacrifice.png Sacrifice
Ancient elven ritual shard.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ancient elven ritual shardAncient elven ritual shard
Enhanced Excalibur.png: RS3 Inventory image of Enhanced ExcaliburEnhanced Excalibur
Scavenging.pngPerk rank 2.pngScavenging 2+
Luck of the Dwarves.png: RS3 Inventory image of Luck of the DwarvesLuck of the Dwarves (HSR chance)
Ghost hunter goggles (70).png Ghost hunter equipment
Dominion marker (stage 4).png: RS3 Inventory image of Dominion marker (stage 4)Dominion marker (stage 4)
Berserk blood essence.png: RS3 Inventory image of Berserk blood essenceBerserk blood essence
Slayer Codex.png 50 souls in Slayer Codex for Sunken Pyramid teleport
Herbicide.png: RS3 Inventory image of HerbicideHerbicide
Ectoplasmator.png: RS3 Inventory image of EctoplasmatorEctoplasmator
Gem bag upgrade.png: RS3 Inventory image of Gem bag upgradeGem bag upgrade
Prayer High Prayer bonus
Undead Slayer (ability).png Undead Slayer (ability)
ProfitExperience gained
4,030,021.7654,390 Magic
218,124 Constitution
13,500 Prayer
986 Herblore (herbicide)
Inputs (1,868,178.34)Outputs (5,898,200.05)
175.78 × Spring.png Spring (534,726.56) 461,770 with tight springs
7.2 × Divine charge.png Divine charge (685,080)
168.75 × Magic notepaper 5.png Magic notepaper (200,643.75) for noting super potions
1.67 × Aggression flask (6).png Aggression flask (6) (280,333.33)
1,000 × Air rune.png Air rune (81,000) 3,000 if dual wielding
4,800 × Coins 10000.png Coins (4,800) for repairing Cinderbanes
1.36 × Bunyip pouch.png Bunyip pouch (2,881.36)
15 × Congealed blood 1000.png Congealed blood (900)
4,074,452 × Coins 10000.png Coins (4,074,452) coin drops and alched salvage
56.25 × Super strength (3).png Super strength (3) (849,881.25)
56.25 × Super defence (3).png Super defence (3) (422,212.5)
56.25 × Super attack (3).png Super attack (3) (284,006.25)
40.43 × Ghostly essence.png Ghostly essence (237,160.55) 44.47, worth 258,104, with As the Rooster Crows Tier 2
562.5 × Coal stone spirit.png Coal stone spirit (11,812.5)
281.25 × Mithril stone spirit.png Mithril stone spirit (14,062.5)
112.5 × Adamantite stone spirit.png Adamantite stone spirit (4,612.5)

The profit rate assumes 900 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.


The main priority of this setup is boosting damage and accuracy against the warriors to maximise drops. To this end, the Undead Slayer perk, Salve amulet (e), and 3 pieces of ghost hunter equipment provide a total 37% bonus damage against the warriors, drastically increasing kills per hour (with the ghost hunter equipment also providing an extra 10% experience per hour).

It is also worth maximising Prayer bonus, as a high enough Prayer bonus allows for longer use of Torment (or equivalents) without as much prayer drain as normal. This can further increase average kills per hour without substantially increasing supply cost. Items such as the Tirannwn quiver and superior dragon rider boots are good ways to enhance Prayer bonus without sacrificing much in the way of other stats such as defence or damage.

Penance aura.png
Ghost hunter goggles (70).png
Berserk blood essence.png
Ghost hunter backpack.png
Salve amulet (e).png
Tirannwn quiver 4.png
Augmented noxious staff.png
Augmented Virtus robe top.png
Off-hand slot.png
Ghost hunter legs.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Superior Dragon Rider boots.png
Luck of the Dwarves.png
Enhanced Excalibur.pngAncient elven ritual shard.pngAggression flask (6).pngSuper prayer renewal potion (6).png
Air rune.png3000Weapon poison+++ flask (6).pngAggression flask (6).pngSuper prayer renewal potion (6).png
Equipment siphon.pngSpring cleaner 9001.pngSlayer Codex.pngEctoplasmator.png
Gem bag upgrade.pngCoal stone spirit.pngMithril stone spirit.pngAdamantite stone spirit.png
Magic notepaper 5.png500
Bunyip pouch.pngGhostly essence.png
Bunyip pouch.pngDominion marker (stage 4).pngSealed clue scroll (hard).png
  • Tsunami.png
  • Sunshine.png
  • Chain.png
  • Corruption Blast.png
  • Dragon Breath.png
  • Sacrifice.png
  • Wild Magic.png
  • Sonic Wave.png
  • Tuska's Wrath.png
  • Combust.png
  • Deep Impact.png
  • Undead Slayer (ability).png

Suggested Perks

Precise 5 and Equilibrium 3 are used as cheap perks that can still speed up kills per hour by over 10%. Biting and Undead Slayer are also relatively easy to get on one armour gizmo using three direct components, one undead component, and crystal parts. Lastly, Scavenging 2 is used to indirectly increase profits from the large amounts of free components it will give when killing spiritual warriors.

Body armour:

Aftershock 2 is used in place of other offensive perks due to its area damage and its ability to combo with Planted Feet on one gizmo. Caroming 3 is very useful at spiritual warriors, made even better when comboed with Undead Slayer. Lastly, Scavenging 3 gives boatloads of free components, and Biting 3 is used as the best single-gizmo damager booster when taking AoE damage into account.

Body armour:

Aftershock 4 is used due to its area damage and its combo with Equilibrium 2 is the largest damage increase. Caroming 4 is very useful at spiritual warriors, made even better when comboed with Planted Feet. Biting 4 is used as the best single-gizmo damager booster when taking AoE damage into account, made even better when comboed with Undead Slayer. Lastly, Scavenging 4 gives boatloads of free components.

Body armour:

More Information

Spiritual warriors commonly drop a variety of salvage items, which the spring cleaner will alchemise directly to coins for the bulk of money made from this method. Magic notepaper should be used to gather the potions - you will make quite a bit of extra money per hour doing so without significantly impacting kills per hour if using area loot.

Tier 2 of the player-owned farm perk As the Rooster Crows gives a 10% drop chance increase to ghostly essence while fighting ghosts, including spiritual warriors, increasing profits by an extra 23,464. Additionally, the spring cleaner and scavenging perk at rank 2 and above will net you enough subtle components to at least replace tight springs used by this method, effectively only costing 2,627 each (when using magic shieldbows for tensile parts).

Combat wise, spiritual warriors are not particularly threatening, meaning even medium level armour is enough to tank their attacks. Enhanced Excalibur and the Sacrifice ability can provide enough healing to sustain you without the use of Soul Split or food. If these items are not available, a Bunyip familiar or the sharks the warriors drop should provide the extra healing required.

The ideal location to fight spiritual warriors is the small room of the Sunken Pyramid, requiring 99 Slayer and five total spiritual warrior souls for a player to set up. This keeps the player away from other monsters in the dungeon, which can impede kill rates. Note that spiritual creatures placed in the pyramid causes them to spawn for any of the four gods, including Armadyl, so players must use ranged or magic in to fight Armadylean spiritual monsters.

Players with a legendary pet will find that the scavenge ability can be used to avoid wasting time collecting drops, allowing for faster kill rates per hour. However, even without a legendary pet, the spring cleaner alone generates income from fighting spiritual warriors, due to their adamant and rune salvages. The gold accumulator can also improve income by roughly 1,036,927 per hour, assuming a high kill rate. With both the spring cleaner and the gold accumulator players can easily make significant amounts of money while only checking the game at 5 minute intervals to top off their potion effects, restore prayer points, and heal if need be.

Players with both the herb bag and herbicide and upgrade may bring their herb bag for additional profit; the dropped herbs will automatically be picked up and placed in the herb bag.

Finally, players with access to Invention can disassemble warpriest gear drops to gather Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak components for free. These components are highly useful for obtaining the otherwise expensive Precise, Devoted, Impatient and Imp Souled and Genocidal perks. Warpriest drops are based on what pieces the player currently owns, so by keeping the cuirass and greaves, only helm, boots, gauntlets and capes may be dropped, which do not have a warning when disassembled, as trying to disassemble while in combat can be particularly troublesome.