Killing snakes

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Killing snakes
RequirementsKilling snakes.png
50 Combat recommended
Melee or Magic gear (strong two-handed weapon recommended; a weapon that supplies air runes is recommended for mages to gain maximum profit)
Cabin Fever
ProfitROIExperience gained
1,199,700inf%8,010 Combat
2,640 Constitution
InputsOutputs (1,199,700)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Snake hide.pngSnake hide3001,199,700

There are three snakes right next to the bank deposit chest north of Trouble Brewing. These snakes always drop snake hide, which is worth 3999 coins each. After obtaining an inventory full of snake hides, the hides may be deposited via the bank box. Each snake has only 250 life points, so they may be killed easily in one hit with a strong weapon. High level players will be able to kill upwards of 300 snakes per hour (1 snake every 10-12 seconds makes a full inventory every 5.5 minutes or so, resulting in around 313 snakes per hour minus the bank time).

Low level players should beware of aggressive jungle horrors which may be found near the western snake. You can minimise the time spent in their attack range by cycling your snake-killing from east-to-west (east snake, centre snake, west snake, repeat). However, this mainly applies to mages, as they will still be standing in the jungle horrors' range when killing the centre snake if cycling from west-to-east (although the horrors can still chase and hit melee players). If the jungle horrors inflict more damage than a player can take, it is recommended to not kill the western snake in order to completely avoid the jungle horrors. If necessary, food and/or healing abilities should be used to maximise the number of kills per hour. If killing only two of the snakes, the number killed per hour will be significantly less, and therefore profit will be greatly reduced.

Optional: (Note: depending on your graphic settings, this tip may not apply to you)

The snakes, with their small, thin, yellow/brown, low-to-the-ground bodies, can often be hard to see among the tall grasses and green/brown ground of Mos Le'Harmless (especially the eastern-most snake, which spawns in a patch of tall grass). To make the snakes easier to see, you can customise your graphics settings to make the ground less detailed. Go to "Graphics Settings", then "Custom". In this menu, toggle "Ground decorations" and "Textures" to "Off" (toggling "Textures" automatically toggles "Scenery Shadows" off as well). This makes it significantly easier to quickly spot the snakes by removing a lot of the grass, shadows, and other details that can obscure the ground. To spot the snakes even more quickly, you may wish to check the minimap for the yellow dot. Memorising the spot where each snake spawns helps significantly; if you can kill them fast enough, you can run up on each snake as it spawns, giving them no time to slither away.