Killing rabbits (Burthorpe)

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Killing rabbits (Burthorpe)
45 Magic
55 Ranged
Staff of air.png: RS3 Inventory image of Staff of airStaff of air
Chargebow.png: RS3 Inventory image of ChargebowChargebow
ProfitExperience gained
887,4002,160 Magic
2,160 Ranged
1,260 Constitution
InputsOutputs (887,400)
1,800 × Raw rabbit.png Raw rabbit (887,400)

The profit shown assumes that you can kill 1800 rabbits per hour, actual profits depend on your killing speed.

A colony of 7 rabbits can be found to the south of Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe. They respawn roughly 2 seconds after being killed, making them very suitable for obtaining raw rabbits. It is recommended to bind all of the following to the action bar for efficiency: the weapons Staff of air, Chargebow, the magic abilities Chain and Dragon Breath, the ranged abilities Ricochet and Bombardment. Setting up a keybind for cycling target (found in settings under Gameplay->Combat->Targeting->Target Cycling Keybinds), is also recommended. Area loot should be used for picking up drops.

Start by killing the rabbits, alternating between the ranged and magic abilities mentioned above. There should be enough drops for a full inventory of 28 after 35 to 40 seconds. Pick up the drops and store them at the bank to the north. Experiment with the time spent on killing rabbits to find the best rate of profit for your situation, keeping in mind that drops disappear after 2 minutes.