Killing nightmares

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Killing nightmares
RequirementsKilling nightmares.png
  • 80 Slayer
  • 90 Magic recommended
  • 95 Prayer recommended
  • 97 Herblore recommended
  • Overload flasks or Holy overload potions
  • Dwarf multicannon / Oldak coil
  • Legendary pet
  • Quest
    Children of Mah
    ProfitROIExperience gained
    Inputs (3,288,821)Outputs (21,981,228)
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Holy overload potion (6).pngHoly overload potion (6)1.67302,623
    Prayer flask (6).pngPrayer flask (6)10316,930
    Fire rune.pngFire rune3,750461,250
    Blood rune.pngBlood rune1,5001,740,000
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Elder energy 1000.pngElder energy7,095737,880
    Steel titan pouch.pngSteel titan pouch0.93,826
    Unicorn stallion pouch.pngUnicorn stallion pouch1.23,240
    Dragon arrowheads 5.pngDragon arrowheads15368,391
    Dragon bolt tips 5.pngDragon bolt tips424.6580,259
    Dragon dart tip.pngDragon dart tip150480,750
    Summoning potion (4).pngSummoning potion (4)1.842,899
    Super strength (4).pngSuper strength (4)331,233
    Blood rune.pngBlood rune1,0501,218,000
    Soul rune.pngSoul rune3451,384,830
    Large bladed rune salvage.pngLarge bladed rune salvage38.41,167,821
    Medium spiky rune salvage.pngMedium spiky rune salvage19.2425,510
    Nightmare gauntlets.pngNightmare gauntlets[1]0.1515,162,340
    Dragon battleaxe.pngDragon battleaxe3348,735
    Off-hand dragon battleaxe.pngOff-hand dragon battleaxe3346,272
    Coins 10000.pngCoins449,530449,530

    The profit rate assumes 300 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

    While off task, the chance of nightmare gauntlets is 1/10000, which is approximately 3,032,468 per hour.

    1. ^ On task

    Nightmare where-to-stand minimap location.png

    Place your cannon on the symbol just south-west of the large rock, and then stand in the spot on the minimap.

    Nightmares cannon position.png

    Pray Protect from/Deflect Missiles, Torment, and auto-retaliate with Blood Barrage as the nightmares surround you. They attack with melee, however, their ranged attacks are what should be cautioned against. This attack is signalled by the nightmare creating a black sphere in their hands before swinging it at the player. This special attack happens after 5 auto attacks, that deal over 4,000 total damage in two simultaneous ranged hits. If the nightmare dies after beginning its special attack, the attack deals no damage.

    To prevent the common, unstackable muspah spine drops from cluttering up your inventory if using area loot, you can auto-bank them using signs of the porter. If banked, they can later be placed into an alchemiser mk. II or used to make nightmare muspah pouches, which would yield a profit of 16,109. The profit calculation does not take the spines into account.