Killing exiled kalphite paragons

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Killing Exiled kalphite paragons
RequirementsKilling exiled kalphite paragons.png

80 Magic or Ranged recommended (along with Defence)
82+ Prayer recommended
96+ Summoning recommended
84+ Smithing recommended

Tier 70+ magic weapon and armour or ranged weapon and armour
Super restore flask (6).png: RS3 Inventory image of Super restore flask (6)Super restore flask (6)
Varrock teleport (item).png: RS3 Inventory image of Varrock teleport (item)Varrock teleport (item)
Desert Treasure recommended
Unlocked the Bandit camp lodestone
ProfitExperience gained
665,58392,920 Magic
30,600 Constitution
Inputs (88,817)Outputs (754,400)
9,200 × Chitin scraps.png Chitin scraps (754,400)

This guide is written assuming 230 kills per hour with level 99 Smithing

Chitin scraps can be used to repair the tier-90 drygore weapons. They are created by using damaged chitin on an anvil, and the amount of scraps received from each chitin scales with your Smithing level, up to 40 at level 99.

Damaged chitin are received as a 100% drop from all exiled kalphite, of which the paragon is easiest to kill en masse. They are weak to arrows but are taken down just as easily with Magic. When killing kalphites, focus on one at a time using multi-target abilities when available. The kalphite paragons do not do a great deal of damage; however, this damage adds up. It is advisable to use Soul Split to help offset this damage. Quickly pick up the damaged chitin and store them in your familiar. When both yours and your familiar's inventories are full, teleport to a location with an anvil (such as Varrock, where an anvil lies near the teleport locations just south of the west bank) and use the damaged chitin on the anvil; empty your familiar's inventory and repeat. When finished, use the Bandit Camp lodestone teleport then run south to the hive. Another alternative is to use magic note paper to note the chitin as you collect them. Due to the reduced time banking there is little impact on profit but an increase in kills, xp and charm collection.

The optimal spot for killing kalphites is in the room next to the entrance to the Kalphite King's room. Getting to there from the lodestone takes approximately 60 seconds. The kalphite paragons take around 10 seconds to kill, meaning you can get 50 kills in 10 minutes when you include some time to pick up the drops. It takes less than 20 seconds to get to an anvil; from there, it takes about 60 seconds to smith all the chitin into scraps. This results in an average of 13 minute trips for 50 kills, or about 4.6 trips an hour, giving a total of 230 kills an hour. With level 99 Smithing, this results in 9,200 chitin scraps.

If you are not 98 or 99 Smithing, you can use this table to see your expected profit per hour, again assuming 230 kills per hour:

Level Chitin scraps Profit Level Chitin scraps Profit Level Chitin scraps Profit
60 4,830 396,060 74 6,440 528,080 88 8,050 660,100
61 75 89
62 5,060 414,920 76 6,670 546,940 90 8,280 678,960
63 77 91
64 5,290 433,780 78 6,900 565,800 92 8,510 697,820
65 79 93
66 5,520 452,640 80 7,130 584,660 94 8,740 716,680
67 81 95
68 5,750 471,500 82 7,360 603,520 96 8,970 735,540
69 83 97
70 5,980 490,360 84 7,590 622,380 98 9,200 754,400
71 85 99
72 6,210 509,220 86 7,820 641,240
73 87