Killing dark beasts

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Killing dark beasts
RequirementsKilling dark beasts.png

90+ Slayer
96+ Herblore (recommended) for Overload
60+ Dungeoneering (recommended) for Bonecrusher + Split dragontooth necklace or Demon horn necklace

Mourning's End Part I required
The Temple at Senntisten recommended for Ancient Curses

Spring cleaner highly recommended
Upgraded Seedicide recommended
Advanced gold accumulator recommended
Luck of the Dwarves (HSR chance)

ProfitExperience gained
3,628,061.94524,768 Ranged
173,166 Constitution
Inputs (569,098.5)Outputs (4,197,160.44)
2 × Overload flask (6).png Overload flask (6) (433,706)
38.75 × Spring.png Spring (135,392.5)
0.81 × Sirenic scale.png Sirenic scale (348,721.74)
38.75 × Dark arrowheads 5.png Dark arrowheads (16,895)
48.44 × Grimy toadflax.png Grimy toadflax (496,387.5)
38.75 × Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed (554,628.75)
38.75 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (319,920)
48.44 × Death rune.png Death rune (12,593.75)
19.38 × Large plated rune salvage.png Large plated rune salvage (592,448.75)
19.38 × Medium plated rune salvage.png Medium plated rune salvage (439,037.5)
0.61 × Dark bow.png Dark bow (254,027.44)
1,162,500 × Coins 10000.png Coins (1,162,500)

The profit rate assumes 620 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Dark beasts are creatures found in the Mourner Tunnels, slayer tower dungeon and Kuradal's Dungeon. They are aggressive towards all players regardless of combat level.

Dark beasts are known in game for dropping lots of coins as well as Large plated rune salvage, Medium plated rune salvage and a decent chance to access the Rare drop table. Players with a Bonecrusher and a Demon horn necklace or Split dragontooth necklace can take advantage of their Big bone drops to restore prayer points while Soul Split is activated. Soul Split can completely remove the need for food at high levels with high tier gear, alongside the Enhanced Excalibur.