Killing crystal shapeshifters

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Killing crystal shapeshifters in the sunken pyramid
RequirementsKilling crystal shapeshifters.png
99 Slayer for access to the sunken pyramid
High Combat
95 Prayer
87 Summoning for Blood nihil (recommended)
45 Invention to augment leg armour (recommended)
The Jack of Spades
The Light Within
Five crystal shapeshifter souls in the small room of your sunken pyramid dungeon (or access to another player's pyramid)
ProfitExperience gained
1,074,400 Combat
354,520 Constitution
Inputs (3,389,456.52)Outputs (12,473,600.73)
4.14 × Tarddian crystal.png Tarddian crystal (8,280) Crystal armour repair.
1.67 × Elder overload potion (6).png Elder overload potion (6) (385,623.33)
1.5 × Weapon poison+++ (4).png Weapon poison+++ (4) (42,984)
78.13 × Spring.png Spring (272,265.63) For salvage - spring cleaner, enchanted notepaper and High Level Alchemy are also options.
0.25 × Scrimshaw of vampyrism.png Scrimshaw of vampyrism (1,661,150.25) Value assumes using Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism while considering opportunity cost of selling Scrimshaw of vampyrism.
5.61 × Divine charge.png Divine charge (525,393.33) Gear repair
0.54 × XP Capacitor 5000 (Inactive).png XP Capacitor 5000 (Inactive) (493,759.98)
14 × Crystal gloves.png Crystal gloves (5,017,586) Value assumes Tarddian crystals're made into crystal gloves. Check Tarddian crystal for optimal use.
17,465.63 × Coins 10000.png Coins (17,465.63)
100 × Potato cactus.png Potato cactus (169,900)
75 × Grimy kwuarm.png Grimy kwuarm (1,091,400)
50 × Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed (744,250)
50 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (430,950)
50 × Grimy toadflax.png Grimy toadflax (545,500)
87.5 × Grimy irit.png Grimy irit (291,812.5)
450 × Magic logs.png Magic logs (182,700)
15.63 × Huge plated rune salvage.png Huge plated rune salvage (625,000)
12.5 × Medium bladed rune salvage.png Medium bladed rune salvage (300,000)
50 × Large bladed rune salvage.png Large bladed rune salvage (1,600,000)
371.88 × Adamantite stone spirit.png Adamantite stone spirit (14,875)
50 × Battlestaff.png Battlestaff (150,750)
0.54 × XP Capacitor 5000 (Charged).png XP Capacitor 5000 (Charged) (1,291,411.6)

This guide uses an estimate of 400 kills per hour. It's possible to exceed these numbers with good equipment, but this number falls drastically as equipment worsens. While tier 90+ weaponry, attuned crystal armour, Malevolence and Greater Fury are not all required, players missing several of them may find themselves unable to safely fight more than three or four shapeshifters at once, which significantly reduces kill speeds and thus revenue.

Crystal shapeshifters drop significant amounts of rune salvage and their guaranteed drop of Tarddian crystals are also worth a decent bit of money, and under the right circumstances they can be killed very quickly.

When placed in the rooms in the Sunken Pyramid, crystal shapeshifters will always spawn in their melee form. They can change form, but they will usually only change to the form you are the weakest to, unless you're using protection prayers to defend against that style. By wearing crystal armour, which is hybrid armour (as well as providing some useful effects when fighting the shapeshifters) along with a single piece of mid-level ranged equipment you can ensure they will not change from their melee form without penalising your accuracy too much and allowing access to invention perks such as Scavenging, Biting or Crackling. This not only means they will walk up to you so you can reach them without having to move, but also makes them use their special attack less frequently, reducing the damage taken and the risk of dying. Depending on the equipment used in other equipment slots, you may need to use higher tier ranged armour to make sure your melee defence is your lowest defence.

The crystal armour also provides a boost to damage dealt to the shapeshifters, increases the number of tarddian crystals dropped, and if at least four pieces are worn provides a chance of temporarily becoming immune to stuns, as well as clearing damage over time effects inflicted by the shapeshifters.

As the shapeshifters should be kept in their melee form at all times, and as Deflect Melee would cause them to change to a different form, and because shapeshifters consistently disable protection prayers, Soul Split is the only overhead prayer that should be used.

You may want to bring some food and a prayer potion in case of emergency, although they should usually be unnecessary. Players who struggle to keep themselves alive without it may want to bring the Enhanced excalibur.

Due to the frequent incoming stuns slowing down adrenaline gain significantly, especially if relying entirely on revolution, Berserk is generally not advised even if you're confident you can survive the increased incoming damage - you often may not be able to build enough adrenaline to use even a single threshold ability within its duration. A good revolution bar to maximise multitarget damage could look as follows:

Cleave.png Quake.png Hurricane.png Meteor Strike.png Anticipation.png Sacrifice.png Greater Fury.png Sever.png Smash.png Greater Barge.png Slice.png

It is possible that you end up dying if you get repeatedly stunned at bad times, although this is relatively rare, and the reclaim costs are relatively low thanks to the low value of crystal armour.

Use area loot to easily pick up all drops. To avoid missing items that de-spawn, you will want to do this at least every 90 seconds.

Aggression potions are not required, as shapeshifters will remain aggressive indefinitely. Aggression must be toggled on by talking to Angof - this applies both to the sunken pyramid and to Tarddiad. In a small room it is possible to have all five shapeshifters attack from their spawn points while you stand in a corner in order to guarantee that Cleave will hit all targets regardless of which one is your target at the time. In a large room, this is not possible - you may find that Cleave misses one or several shapeshifters depending on how they happen to position themselves. For this reason, fighting shapeshifters in a small room is advised.