Killing cows

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Killing cows
RequirementsCollecting and tanning cowhide.png
10 Combat+ recommended
Level 10+ equipment
ProfitExperience gained
866,1602,700 Combat
864 Constitution
InputsOutputs (866,160)
540 × Raw beef.png Raw beef (363,420)
540 × Cowhide.png Cowhide (375,840)
540 × Bones.png Bones (126,900)

The profit rate assumes 540 kills per hour. Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Level 1 cows in Taverley have 25 life points and always drop raw beef, cowhide, and bones. The pen can be reached by teleporting to the Taverley lodestone and walking north. Start killing the cows - they will respawn in seconds. Kill 9 cows before using area loot to quickly pick up all items. Run north to the Gnome Banker in Burthorpe, bank the items, run south back to the cow pen, and repeat.

This area is popular with new players and competition can reduce efficiency.

You can choose to bury the bones instead for Prayer experience. The profit is similar (as you can carry more raw beef and cowhide which are more valuable) but is slightly more click intensive.