Killing Raksha

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Killing Raksha
RequirementsRaksha, the Shadow Colossus.png

138 Combat recommended
96 Summoning recommended
106 Herblore recommended
95 Prayer recommended


Range armour (pernix or above)
T80 or above Ranged weapon
Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) if using a crossbow
Fleeting boots recommended
Nightmare gauntlets recommended
Essence of finality recommended with Dark bow or Seren godbow added.
Ring of vigour switch recommended
Asylum surgeon's ring recommended
Luck of the dwarves recommended
Enhanced excalibur recommended
Noxious Scythe > Laniakea's spear > Masuta's warspear > Dragon rider lance required for pools

ProfitROIExperience gained
Inputs (4,492,881)Outputs (50,843,386)
ItemQuantityGE PriceNote
Elder overload potion (6).pngElder overload potion (6)1.66403,998
Super restore (4).pngSuper restore (4)1174,525
Replenishment potion (6).pngReplenishment potion (6)1.8343,077
Blue blubber jellyfish.pngBlue blubber jellyfish88583,704
Binding contract (ripper demon).pngBinding contract (ripper demon)198,432
Ruby bakriminel bolts (e) 5.pngRuby bakriminel bolts (e)2751,203,125
Coins 10000.pngCoins2,000,0002,000,000 Gear repair
ItemQuantityGE PriceNote
Greater Ricochet ability codex.pngGreater Ricochet ability codex0.02232,364,636
Greater Chain ability codex.pngGreater Chain ability codex0.0223,845,272
Divert ability codex.pngDivert ability codex0.022395,678
Shadow spike.pngShadow spike0.0224,150,020
Fleeting boots.pngFleeting boots0.0552,421,568
Blast diffusion boots.pngBlast diffusion boots0.055167,030
Laceration boots.pngLaceration boots0.05566,263
Onyx dust.pngOnyx dust84.461,215,441
Sirenic scale.pngSirenic scale2.361,670,071
Spirit weed seed 5.pngSpirit weed seed5.8939,229
Carambola seed 5.pngCarambola seed3.9321,093
Golden dragonfruit seed 5.pngGolden dragonfruit seed5.89180,245
Black dragonhide.pngBlack dragonhide117.86257,164
Dinosaur bones.pngDinosaur bones78.57486,200
Small blunt rune salvage.pngSmall blunt rune salvage39.29577,068
Medium spiky orikalkum salvage.pngMedium spiky orikalkum salvage12.57921,649
Huge plated orikalkum salvage.pngHuge plated orikalkum salvage9.821,215,038
Crystal key.pngCrystal key27.5346,225
Inert adrenaline crystal.pngInert adrenaline crystal11.79112,330
Soul rune.pngSoul rune117.86262,939
Light animica stone spirit.pngLight animica stone spirit62.8668,514
Dark animica stone spirit.pngDark animica stone spirit62.8659,714

This guide assumes 5 minute kills, with Greater ricochet unlocked. Some players choose to use brews instead of sharks, but this is not necessary as with practice, most kills can be done with effectively no food (or only 1-2 sharks due to pool + rock RNG for the phase 3 transition). Others choose to use improvements like Erethdor's Grimoire or Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e) as part of their kills, but it should be noted that these will significantly decrease gp/hr and should only be used PB's.

Using Erethdor's grimoire costs: 5,532,794.67 gp/hr

Using Illuminated book of law costs: 1,273,365.33 gp/hr

Using Scripture of Jas costs: 129,590.67 gp/hr

Using Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e) costs: 7,233,300 gp/hr

Using Ripper Demon scroll (Death From Above) costs about: 1,124,750 gp/hr

Using Vulnerability bombs costs about: 1,295,690 gp/hr

It should also be noted that official common drop rates have not yet been released by the Jmods, and so this guide also assumes all common drops have equal weighting.