Killing Helwyr

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P2P icon.png
Killing Helwyr
  • 80 Magic
  • 138 Combat recommended
  • 99 Summoning recommended
  • 96 Herblore recommended
  • 95 Prayer recommended
  • High-level halberd type weapon Noxious scythe or Dragon Rider lance recommended
  • High-level armour power armour
  • Overload flask and super restore potions recommended
  • Accuracy boosting aura recommended
  • Scrimshaw of vampyrism required
  • Enhanced excalibur recommended
  • High healing food such as Rocktails recommended
  • Any shield required
  • Quest
    40 Serenist Killcount in the Heart of Gielinor (reduced to 20 with Serenist reputation)
    ProfitROIExperience gained
    120,000 Combat
    39,600 Constitution
    Inputs (779,140)Outputs (4,642,019)
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Overload flask (6).pngOverload flask (6)2477,310
    Super prayer renewal potion (6).pngSuper prayer renewal potion (6)289,592
    Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6)8208,096
    Steel titan pouch.pngSteel titan pouch14,142
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Wand of the Cywir elders.pngWand of the Cywir elders0.029678,954
    Orb of the Cywir elders.pngOrb of the Cywir elders0.029583,161
    Dormant anima core helm.pngDormant anima core helm0.0293,436
    Dormant anima core body.pngDormant anima core body0.0293,468
    Dormant anima core legs.pngDormant anima core legs0.0293,519
    Crest of Seren.pngCrest of Seren0.029661,027
    Serenic essence.pngSerenic essence0.1264,480
    Luminite stone spirit.pngLuminite stone spirit3512,215
    Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond22.9523,409
    Uncut dragonstone.pngUncut dragonstone6.9640,813
    Grimy dwarf weed.pngGrimy dwarf weed16.56218,658
    Grimy lantadyme.pngGrimy lantadyme1371,826,484
    Magic logs.pngMagic logs220.8105,101
    Necrite stone spirit.pngNecrite stone spirit3519,985
    Phasmatite stone spirit.pngPhasmatite stone spirit3510,535
    Raw shark.pngRaw shark56.5572,101
    Large bladed rune salvage.pngLarge bladed rune salvage6.8204,843
    Crystal key.pngCrystal key3.344,652
    Coins 10000.pngCoins65,17865,178

    The profit rate assumes 15 kills per hour with no reputation drop rate boost. See the high level variant of this guide if you exceed either of these assumptions.

    P2P icon.png
    Killing Helwyr
    • 80 Magic
    • 96 Herblore
    • 95 Prayer
    • 138 Combat recommended
    • 99 Summoning recommended
  • High-level halberd type weapon Noxious scythe or Dragon Rider lance required
  • High-level armour power armour
  • Supreme overload potion and super restore potions required
  • Accuracy boosting aura recommended
  • Scrimshaw of vampyrism required
  • Enhanced excalibur recommended
  • High healing food such as Rocktails recommended but shouldn't be needed
  • Any high level shield required
  • Quest
    40 Serenist Killcount in the Heart of Gielinor (reduced to 20 with Serenist reputation)
    ProfitROIExperience gained
    360,000 Combat
    118,800 Constitution
    Inputs (1,954,012)Outputs (19,920,190)
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Supreme overload potion (6).pngSupreme overload potion (6)2463,463
    Super prayer renewal potion (6).pngSuper prayer renewal potion (6)289,592
    Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6)8208,096
    Weapon poison+++ flask (6).pngWeapon poison+++ flask (6)190,917
    Binding contract (ripper demon).pngBinding contract (ripper demon)1101,944
    Coins 10000.pngCoins[1]1,000,0001,000,000
    ItemQuantityGE Price
    Wand of the Cywir elders.pngWand of the Cywir elders0.184,073,724
    Orb of the Cywir elders.pngOrb of the Cywir elders0.183,498,964
    Dormant anima core helm.pngDormant anima core helm0.1820,614
    Dormant anima core body.pngDormant anima core body0.1820,808
    Dormant anima core legs.pngDormant anima core legs0.1821,114
    Crest of Seren.pngCrest of Seren0.183,966,160
    Serenic essence.pngSerenic essence0.7386,881
    Luminite stone spirit.pngLuminite stone spirit10536,645
    Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond68.8570,227
    Uncut dragonstone.pngUncut dragonstone20.88122,440
    Grimy dwarf weed.pngGrimy dwarf weed49.68655,975
    Grimy lantadyme.pngGrimy lantadyme4115,479,452
    Magic logs.pngMagic logs662.4315,302
    Necrite stone spirit.pngNecrite stone spirit10559,955
    Phasmatite stone spirit.pngPhasmatite stone spirit10531,605
    Raw shark.pngRaw shark169.65216,304
    Large bladed rune salvage.pngLarge bladed rune salvage20.4614,530
    Crystal key.pngCrystal key9.9133,957
    Coins 10000.pngCoins195,534195,534

    The profit rate assumes 45 kills per hour with full reputation drop rate boost. If you feel you can get more, then you may change the Kills per Hour in the box above.

    1. ^ Gear repair/buying divine charges

    Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

    You need 80+ Magic (unboostable) to enter the boss arena.
    Seren symbol.png
    You need to kill 40 Serenist monsters for every hour you want to fight this boss. Gaining 4,500 Serenist reputation reduces this to 20. You can accumulate up to 200 killcount which is saved.
    Level recommendations
    Style All Large.png
    It is recommended to have at least level 90+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
    It is recommended to have at least level 90+ Defence.
    Deflect Melee.png
    At least 71 Prayer and ancient curses are recommended to protect against this boss' attacks.
    Overload detail.png
    Overloads are recommended at 96 Herblore.
    Augmented gear with basic perks is sufficient at 86 Invention.
    Equipment recommendations
    Zero weakness icon.png
    This boss has no particular weakness, so you can use any combat style during this fight.
    Bane 2h sword + 4 detail.png
    Use tier 80 weaponry or better
    (see recommendations).
    Shard of Mah detail.png
    Equipping the Shard of Mah prevents aggression from monsters in the Heart of Gielinor's main area.
    Deflect Melee.png
    If you deal low damage use protect from melee or deflect melee.
    Soul Split.png
    If you deal high damage you can use soul split during the entire fight instead of a protection prayer.
    Optional boosts
    Slayer helmet immune.png
    This boss does not count as any slayer task, and the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.
    Cinderbane gloves detail.png
    This boss is poisonable, and cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons deal additional damage.
    Inquisitor staff detail.png
    The inquisitor staff deals +12.5% ability damage and has a flat +10% hitchance when used against this boss.
    Seren godbow detail.png
    The Seren godbow's special attack is very strong against this target with all combat styles as it is a 5x5+ target.

    Getting there[edit | edit source]

    Helwyr chathead.png

    Helwyr is located in the south-east area of The Heart. To enter his chamber, the player must get 40 Serenist kill count (20 if the player has unlocked the 50% kill count reduction bonus, requiring 4,500 Reputation), and have 80 Magic. Players can easily get kill count by visiting nodes that Serenist groups are attacking or simply kill the ones inside the fortress area.

    Inventory[edit | edit source]

    Supreme overload potion (6).pngSuper prayer renewal potion (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
    Supreme overload potion (6).pngSuper prayer renewal potion (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
    Weapon poison+++ flask (6).pngMalevolent kiteshield.pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
    Enhanced Excalibur.pngRing of vigour.pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
    The Heart teleport.pngRocktail.pngRocktail.pngRocktail.png
    Steel titan pouch.pngRocktail.pngRocktail.pngRocktail.png

    Combat[edit | edit source]

    Helwyr only uses melee attacks which hit up to 1200, unlike the other generals which have multiple combat styles at their disposal. He has several abilities he will use during the fight:

    • The Aid of Nature (mushroom gas) - Helwyr yells Nature, lend me your aid! sends three balls of energy around the room, causing three of the twenty-five pre-placed small mushrooms to grow in size and emit poison gas in a 5x5 AoE. Getting caught in the gas will deal up to 250 hard typeless damage every tick, and reduce the player to walking speed if their run is on. If the player is in a gas cloud for more than 4 seconds, then they will also be bound for 3 seconds. Should the player be caught in the gas cloud resulting in binding, the player can utilise freedom to regain control.
    • Rake (cleave) - Helwyr stands upright, yelling YOU. WILL. BLEED! and cleaves the area in front of him in a cone radius. Players caught in the clawed area will be hit for up to 3000 damage and be inflicted with one bleed stack. This can be easily avoided by running far enough from him in any direction out of the frontal radius, especially underneath him or to either side. Alternatively, you may equip a shield and use resonance to heal off the damage.
    • Thrash (frenzy) - Helwyr leaps over to a nearby player, yelling You cannot escape me. Aaaargh!. He will always place himself north of the targeted player; if this is not possible, then he tries to get a close as possible. This will deal rapid melee damage of up to 1800 every two ticks and add up to five bleed stacks in total. The attack has a range of 2 squares from him. Devotion can block all the melee attacks, but Debilitate is a good alternative when it is on cooldown if not planning to run away from him. Alternatively, the whole attack can be avoided by using Surge, Escape or Bladed Dive as he moves north of the player.
    • Cywir Alphas (howl) - Helwyr howls, summoning two Cywir Alphas. They only have 3,000 life points and deal little damage but should still be killed to prevent them from sniping resonance heals from Helwyr's bleed attack. Furthermore, should the Cywir Alphas remain alive when Helwyr spawns The Aid of Nature, he will instead spawn six balls of energy instead of three. An efficient way to kill them is to use area-of-effect abilities that can damage both Helwyr and the Alphas simultaneously.
    • Rend (bleeds) - Helwyr's claw and frenzy attacks can inflict bleeds on the player. The bleed starts off at a base of 50 every 2 ticks, and the more bleeds a player takes (melee damage attacks from claw/frenzy), another 50 is added, up to a cap of 250. This is soft typeless damage and can be reduced as such. Using freedom will immediately remove the bleed and it is recommended to use this immediately after his frenzy attack ends. Bleeds last for 30 seconds, but will be prolonged if the player is hit by his claw or frenzy attacks while being bled.

    Note: Like Vindicta, Helwyr will skip auto-attacks should he be unable to reach his target. However, Helwyr punishes auto-attack skipping harshly - roughly every two spaces away from his target will prompt him to skip an auto-attack, whereas Vindicta is typically far more lenient in this. The auto-attack after each special attack does not have any animation either.

    Dual-wielding is recommended when fighting Helwyr, as its abilities deal more damage compared to a two-handed weapon. A halberd-type melee weapon is helpful for clearing out the wolves, but can be skipped as it is not necessarily needed with high DPS. Regardless, if the player can afford one, a masterwork spear of annihilation is helpful for extending bleeds.

    The player should be positioned next to Helwyr's spawn point due to his harsh auto-attack skip mechanic, using Anticipation as soon as he transforms into the Hunllef. This prevents the player from getting bound by the mushrooms if they take too long to get out of it. Cleave attacks should be avoided unless intending to Resonance them, and they are fairly easy to avoid; simply sidestep at least 3-4 spaces from the direction he's facing to avoid the attack.

    When Helwyr begins his frenzy, immediately use Devotion/Debilitate and Protect/Deflect Melee to block all incoming damage, using Freedom to clear the accumulated bleed stacks. If not planning to use Devotion or Debilitate, just as Helwyr moves north, immediately Bladed Dive or Escape south. This will prevent him from applying any frenzy damage and bleeds. The latter method also provides players an opportunity to use Greater Barge's enhanced effect. It is important to Barge back as soon as possible to prevent Helwyr from moving towards the player, which causes an auto-attack to be skipped and summon the wolves earlier than usual.

    The Cywir alphas usually pose no threat to the player and can be hit with AoEs or simply ignored, but players intending to Resonance the next cleave attack should kill them off to prevent them from sniping it. Unlike Telos' anima-golems, the alphas don't die off immediately as soon as he's killed, rather persisting for around 3 seconds before doing so. Some adrenaline may be gained off them in preparation for the next kill.

    General strategies[edit | edit source]

    Helwyr will always follow the same attack pattern:

    • Mushrooms
    • 3 auto-attacks
    • Cleave
    • 3 auto-attacks
    • Frenzy
    • 3 auto-attacks
    • Wolves
    • 3 auto-attacks
    • Repeats above sequence

    Note: Attempting to move the boss will often result in auto-attacks being skipped and abilities being used a little sooner. This is only usually dangerous on the cleave mechanic.

    As soon as Helwyr spawns, be prepared to walk out of mushrooms as they may spawn below the player. Surge can be be used, however that will place the player far from Helwyr so it is recommended you simply walk out of the radius.

    DO NOT KEEP RUNNING AWAY from Helwyr; like Vindicta (who also uses melee for the majority of the fight), Helwyr will skip auto-attacks and immediately go straight to abilities if he cannot reach his target.

    Special attacks[edit | edit source]

    Since Helwyr only uses melee attacks, Deflect Melee should be used at all times. Optionally, either Turmoil or Malevolence can be used to further reduce his attack strength, however, it's recommended to use whichever damage boosting curse matches the players combat style. Although its possible for Helwyr to deal more damage than you can heal off of with Soul Split, the damage can generally be negated by using Resonance on his cleave attack or using a scrimshaw of vampryism as a last resort. Players may choose to flick Deflect Melee when he attacks to further reduce damage, but this is not essential to successfully kill Helwyr.

    Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

    The first special mechanic will trigger at the start of every kill, Helwyr will shout "Nature, lend me your aid!"; at this point 3 mushrooms will appear around the arena in random locations. These mushrooms will have an area of effect that will inflict rapid typeless damage to the player if they are standing within their range. Make use of Surge if needed or simply walk outside the mushrooms' boundaries as soon as possible. If the player is in their vicinity for too long they will be bound. Use of Freedom will allow the player to once again move and leave the area.

    Cleave[edit | edit source]

    The second special mechanic is the most important. If done correctly, you will receive 1000-4000 lifepoints in healing or, if done incorrectly, in damage. Helwyr will shout "YOU. WILL. BLEED!" - he stands upright and cleaves the area in front of him in a cone radius. When this happens you will want to immediately switch to your shield and use the Resonance ability to regain a substantial amount of health. It is recommended that you keybind:

    • Your shield
    • Resonance
    • Your Primary weapon

    This will allow you to quickly switch and cast resonance as well as letting you return to attacking with much more consistency. Once you become comfortable with this, you can also disable your Deflect Melee curse to increase the healing received. This is the primary mechanic that you will need to practice and learn for efficient kills. This skill also translates well to higher tier group/solo bossing and is an essential skill to learn if that is something that interests you.

    If players choose to ignore this mechanic entirely, they will also receive a small typeless damage bleed of 50 until the next mechanic. Whilst this is not significant damage, players should be aware if they are already at low life points.

    Whirlwind[edit | edit source]

    With the third special mechanic, Helwyr will shout "You cannot escape me. Aaaargh!". He will leap over to you and start a clawing frenzy. This will deal rapid melee damage every two ticks and bleed the player for 50 for every hit sustained (or adds 50 if the player is bleeding from previous bleed attacks).

    This special mechanic can be dangerous in certain situations. If you have just failed your resonance and are either at or below half of your maximum lifepoints, it is recommended to cast Devotion or Debilitate to reduce the chance of death during this mechanic. Deflect Melee must ALWAYS be active when this mechanic is in progress as the damage sustained will be often enough to entirely kill a player. An advanced tactic is to run north before the attack begins, and then use Escape when Helwyr leaps over to you. This will avoid the attack completely, and one can safely attack him from afar.

    At the end of this attack the player should always use Freedom as the bleed will have accumulated up to 250 damage (up to 400 if Berserk is active). If the player has had to use freedom to escape a mushroom cloud then it should still be used as soon as possible and damage should be minimised until the player reaches a healthy lifepoint total.

    Wolves[edit | edit source]

    The final special attack is trivial and plays only a minor part in the kill, especially if using a halberd-type weapon detailed above in the equipment section. Helwyr will howl, summoning two Cywir Alphas. They only have 3,000 life points and deal little damage but should still be killed to prevent them from interrupting resonance. An efficient way to kill them is wait until they are both beside the player attacking and then using Hurricane or Quake. One ability is usually sufficient, if not the Cleave basic ability can also be of use.

    Advanced strategies[edit | edit source]

    When using Berserk, Sunshine or Death's Swiftness be sure to switch to your Ring of vigour as the 10% adrenaline can result in an additional threshold ability whilst affected by the damage increasing ability.

    Be sure to use abilities such as Freedom, Anticipate, Surge, Preparation to maintain (stall) your adrenaline from the previous fight. Further to this, try and end the kill with 100% adrenaline so you can use your damage boosting ability immediately as the next fight starts.

    When using the Slaughter, Combust or Fragmentation Shot ability, walk under Helwyr to move him before the first hit registers, which will make him take significantly more damage from it for the duration of the ability. In PvM terms, this is known as 'walking a bleed'.

    Do not be afraid to use Blood Tendrils as you will heal the damage back from Soul Split and Deflect Melee flicking. If the player takes too much damage, then use a Vampyrism scrimshaw until your health is back to an optimal amount.

    Enhanced Devoted can be extremely helpful in mitigating damage throughout the fight.

    Try to use food as little as possible, it will help you to understand when you do and don't need to heal up for both Helwyr and future bossing - you don't need to be at full life points at all times.

    This guide is focused on hour long trips so it is advised to use vis wax to extend your aura.