Killing Giant Mole

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Killing Giant Mole
RequirementsGiant Mole fight - mini moles.png
  • 50 Attack (55 recommended)
  • 50 Defence
  • 43 Prayer
  • 30 Magic (optional)
ProfitROIExperience gained
−98,364-46.1%60,000 Combat
Inputs (213,384)Outputs (115,020)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Prayer potion (4).pngPrayer potion (4)18174,528
Spirit wolf pouch.pngSpirit wolf pouch1215,372
Attack potion (3).pngAttack potion (3)63,156
ItemQuantityGE Price
Mole skin.pngMole skin[1]1825,362
Numbing root.pngNumbing root687,738
Big bones.pngBig bones61,920

Guide is intended for Free-To-Play. The Giant Mole is a boss with a combat level of 230, so it is highly recommended to bring a full rune set, including boots and gauntlets. The mole also calls for aid sometimes so bring a rune scimitar with a off-hand one or a rune 2h sword should help you deal with the moles. The spirit wolf when you start fighting Giant Mole should be recalled from him to attack it, then he will help you track it, so your prayer points do not get spent for nothing. It is also recommended to have level 55 Attack so you can do the Hurricane ability. The mole might drop other valuables like numbing roots, nature runes, pure essence, or stone spirits.

  1. ^ Mole skin is a common drop, so the profit made by them can cover the cost of consumables.