Killing Fiyr Shades

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Killing Fiyr Shades
RequirementsKilling fiyr shades.png
100 Combat recommended
63 Firemaking
Tier 70+ magic armour
Tier 70+ magic wepon
silver shade key
Shades of Mort'ton
ProfitROIExperience gained
863,240inf%185,080 Combat
61,068 Constitution
InputsOutputs (863,240)
ItemQuantityGE Price
Fiyr remains.pngFiyr remains280863,240

Fiyr Shades can be found at the end of the Shade Catacombs underneath Mort'ton. Accessing them requires a silver shade key, which is most easily obtained by burning Fiyr remains on the pyres to the southern part of Mort'ton (requiring 80 Firemaking and at least magic pyre logs), or burning Asyn remains, requiring 63 Firemaking and at least eucalyptus pyre logs. Use that key to enter the catacombs, going through the bronze, steel and silver doors.

There are four Fiyr Shades outside the rooms, and a few more inside them. You will be killing the four outside, and the room with two. Using your combat gear and abilities, quickly take down the shades. This should not be difficult as they have low defence and only 7000 LP. They will hardly hit you at all if you use ranged or magic as they only attack with melee. Wait for them to spawn, and repeat. On a highly populated world, this cycle could take less than 30 seconds. The remains are stackable in the inventory. They drop congealed blood occasionally. The shades are aggressive, so it's wise to have auto-retaliate on. No food is needed, adrenaline, and an elite enhanced excalibur should be more than enough.

After you've gathered enough remains, sell them on the Grand Exchange. They shouldn't take too long to sell because they are used in invention and gold key chances. They offer pious components with a very low junk chance. Along with tortured souls, dropped by Edimmu, these remains are the only way to get gold keys, for gold chests. Gold chests are the only chests which can contain necromancer kits and shade skulls.